The appointment

I park the car in a hurry and rush into the building.  I’ve dressed as instructed and check that I have everything I need with me before heading up to a private room on the first floor of the building.  My heart is beating fast and I have a lump in my throat. This is my first time with a professional, although I have dabbled on and off over the years.

After a cursory greeting, she checks the appointment book on her desk and confirms with me what we agreed over the phone.  She looks me over, then leads me to another room.  I look around at the variety of equipment, mostly unfamiliar to me, then do my best to give her my full attention as she explains a little of the plan for the next hour.

I barely register her words, I’m completely outside my comfort zone and starting to feel overwhelmed.  She’s exquisitely beautiful, petite but toned, with short dark hair, dark brown eyes and a slightly wicked smile.  She gently leads me over to a piece of equipment and first shows me how it works before guiding me into the right position.  She explains again what is required of me and still my head struggles to understand, so I blindly follow her instructions.  Only a little discomfort at first, but very soon I’m struggling to cope.  She kindly lets me have a break before continuing, and the second time it is a little easier.

We continue in this way with several pieces of equipment, one of which I can’t manage at all, and we agree to leave that for another time.  I’m relieved at her kindness, although she has already told me she will be tough in our future sessions.  Before long, I’m completely overwhelmed and totally unable to think about anything other than the physical sensations at that precise moment.  My entire world is focused on my ability or inability to follow her instructions and on the aches and pains building up all over me – I’m being pushed to my absolute limits. I’m totally unaware of how much time is passing. Suddenly, she stops, undoes the straps and indicates that I should relax a little. 

Our session is over.  Although I’ve actually had my eyes open, the world snaps back into focus and I can see clearly again.  I feel at once a rush of excitement and adrenalin – I did it – and a deep sense of disappointment that I won’t see her again for another week. 

She praises me for my efforts, and my sense of well-being escalates.  I also feel a thrill as she promises she won’t go so easy on me next time. 

I head back to my car.  My first personal training session is over, and I’m already looking forward to the next one 😉


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