The Hen weekend

So, I set up this blog with some gentle encouragement from a few of my lovely twitter followers, en route to a hen weekend. It would seem rude not to write about the weekend. And I think I did promise a couple of people I would provide a few more details…
Now, if you know me mainly in real life rather that via twitter, you really should stop reading now.
If you know me and haven’t stopped reading yet, I am assuming you will simply marvel at my newfound talent for writing fiction.
The weekend started well, I successfully made my way by train to Nottingham (despite having been convinced a few days before that I was going to spend the weekend in Norwich). I met up with the other 12 ‘girls’, slightly relieved that age-wise I was somewhere in the middle rather than one of the oldest.

Everyone else was already v giggly and we headed straight to the hotel for fizz & pampering. Among the group were two nurses, a doctor and a paramedic, so I was in safe, or at least v capable hands… 😉
I cannot believe there could be a better organised weekend – pink polka dot bags contained whistles, ID tags (if lost, please return to) and name badges as well as an itinerary and a variety of parcels. So, for the evening, rather fetching pink pvc devil horns finished off our ‘wags style’ party outfits. (Shortish purple zip-front jersey dress & suede boots in my case).

Dinner was fun, with lots of sangria, and various “presents” for the hen, include a Dikometer and a Bun grabber.  Then on to a bar in a converted (and one assumes deconsecrated) church.  We got talking to some very sweet Irish boys.  I wish I’d known when I was in my early twenties how easy it is to talk to people wearing pink PVC horns….

The most popular conversation starter of the evening proved to be polyamory – several boys suddenly declared everlasting devotion, and offers of marriage were bandied around (do I need to point out that no one was terribly sober??) Burlesque dancing and a discussion of the finer points of tassle twirling also garnered a respectable group.   Despite my enjoyment of the evening, I had a sudden moment of clarity and left just as the shots arrived. 

If you are still reading, well done – I have been rambling somewhat.  I am going to go ahead and post this now, with the aim of filling in more details later if the opportunity and inclination arises.  Highlights from the rest of the weekend include:

– looking extremely silly during a Dirty Dancing lesson wearing bright green legwarmers

– a really rather scary boat trip with about 200 hen party girls on board

– a late, late evening at a club putting stickers on men (“fab abs”, “best buns” etc)

– some slightly ill-advised snogging in an exceedingly tacky club

Later, folks! 🙂


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