Random musings

How well do we know ourselves, and how well do we really know other people?

Having been on what I could just about call a journey of self discovery this year (in practice going out lots, meeting lots of interesting, really rather wonderful people and trying new things) I have realised just how far some people’s perception of me is from the reality.  This realisation has made me look at the people around me in a whole new light. After all, if there is so much that they don’t know about me, how much don’t I know about them?

I had an official reason for thinking about this at work the other day, as I attended a course on “Managing Diversity”. It was an excellent course, but much was made about finding out more about the people we work with, so that we can move away from generalisations based on  outward perceptions and start thinking about the real person.

And all the way through, I kept thinking, how much do we really want to know, and how much do we want everyone to know about ourselves.

Before the course, I had a detailed chat with one of my colleagues about diversity and discrimination, and she took issue with the fact that sexual orientation is still something we need to be mindful of. I do understand her point “But I don’t care who people sleep with, whether it’s a man or woman or even if they like being tied up, why should I care?” I was lost for a response….

Shortly after, we found ourselves agreeing that we were glad no one appears any more to make assumptions about our professional competence based on our shoes. Some days I really like my job 🙂

So, apart from that last paragraph, this wasn’t really terribly random. I’d love to hear your thoughts xxx

PS – I know I need to get better at this blogging lark, I really should post more often to keep you interested. (By the way, and not totally unconnected with that, can someone tell me how to password protect the access?)


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