Things I’ve found out this year

Recently, I keep musing about how many things I’ve discovered and learned this year. As I approached my 40th birthday, I made a number of resolutions (invariably cliche’d) all about seizing the moment, taking the opportunities that come my way, and not wasting the time I have. By adopting that approach, I inadvertently started to discover a lot more about myself, and of course that’s where the learning really begins!

As an aside, I also promised myself I’d take an aerobatic course this year, which just has not happened…definitely on the list for next summer though 😉

So, having embarked on this grandly titled “journey of discovery”, here are some of the random things I now know, which I either didn’t know, or wasn’t aware that I knew before (I may come back and add to this list from time to time).

In no particular order:

– getting a tattoo does hurt, whatever anyone tells you 🙂
– people are far, far more interesting and varied than you realise, even when you thought they were pretty cool to begin with;
– people on the whole are also extremely kind and generous *repeat end of last sentence*
– it is possible to not lose weight even when doing really quite a lot of exercise: and even if you tell your personal trainer repeatedly that this is OK with you, he/she will not be happy about it…
– even when you enjoy things a lot it can be difficult to motivate yourself to do them at times
– wearing a corset is tremendous fun, particularly on public transport 😉
– buying corsets is addictive (although one could make the same argument about shoes, handbags, ….)
– whilst I’d love to be able to sing, no one is going to stop being my friend because I can’t

I think that’s it for now….


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