A festival fantasy

As the music festival season is pretty much over, and the sunshine seems to have disappeared, I thought this could be a good time to publish a story I wrote at the start of the summer…

So, to set the scene, I’m at a music festival, it’s early afternoon and I’m sitting in the open air, a little way from the front of the main stage. The sun is shining, there are just a few fluffy clouds scudding across the sky. I’m wearing my favourite long green jersey sundress, sitting on the grass drinking a glass of chilled cider and listening to Martha Tilston sing a song inspired by Leonard Cohen.
I look up and catch the eye of a girl sitting a few feet to my right, whose swaying gently in time to the music. She’s petite, with dark hair in a pixie cut, with a bright pink streak across her fringe, wearing an indian cotton sundress and a battered denim jacket, with hunter wellies. She catches my eye and smiles ‘I like your sparkly tattoos’ she says, glancing at the butterflies in a line down from my collar bone. ‘I like your hair’ I reply ‘cheers!’ I move over to sit with her, and chat about our plans for the rest of the festival. After a little while, I suggest another drink. ‘I’ll come with you’ she offers, smiling again ‘then we could go somewhere a little quieter to talk’.

We make our way out of the festival arena, hand in hand. I’m feeling incredibly aroused, elated and nervous at the same time. As we get closer to the tents, I squeeze her hand and ask ‘are you sure about this?’ She laughs ‘you haven’t actually told me where we’re going, or who we’re meeting!’
‘It’s a very good friend of mine. I think he’ll like you.’ I stop to kiss her again but break away as I remember we’re in the middle of the camping field. ‘I think we could all have a lot of fun playing together. Once you’ve net him, you can let me know if you agree.’ Another kiss, another smile. I can feel her heart beating a little faster. I lead her to a domed tent in the corner of the field. The nearby tents are all closed up, there doesn’t seem to be anyone within earshot. ‘Here we are!’ I unzip the doorway, and we step inside, both already flushed and slightly breathless, still holding hands. You look up from the book you’re reading and look me in the eye. ‘Very nice, a good choice.’ You turn to her ‘Very pleased to meet you. So, do you want to play?

She nods eagerly. ‘This is Cara’ I say ‘Cara, meet Ryan’.  We’re still holding hands and you move in to kiss us both before stepping back to offer us both a drink. You turn to open the champagne, as we settle ourselves down on the big cushions strewn across the floor of your tent. As you pour the drinks and add a strawberry to each glass, I lean towards Cara, we start kissing again and as I open the buttons down the front of her dress, she lowers my sundress straps, peels my dress down to my waist and undoes my bra. I peel Cara’s dress down her thighs so that she’s wearing only a tiny, lacy thong. I stroke her breasts and roll one of her nipples between my fingers before leaning down to lick and gently bite. Meanwhile, your hands have started working their way up my leg, so, so slowly, with a featherlight touch. Before you’ve even reached mid-thigh, I’m desperate to feel your fingers, your tongue or your cock inside me. I guess that if I try to hurry you, you’ll make me wait even longer, so although I’m squirming in anticipation, I resist saying anything. I turn round to focus more of my attention on Cara, and pull her panties down her thighs before discarding them on the floor. As I start to tentatively stroke then to slide my finger inside her pussy gasping as I discover how wet she is, your fingers reach the top of my inner thigh and you realise I’m naked underneath my dress. ‘Good girl’ you whisper in my ear, before sliding two fingers straight into my cunt.  I lower my head to start licking her clit, she tastes so good. I’m so aroused I can no longer remember how to speak, all I can think about is how much Cara is enjoying this, and how I desperately need to feel your cock thrusting deep, deep inside me.  ‘Please’ I murmer ‘please’. In response, you gently part my pussy lips and I can feel the head of your cock nudging then sliding right into me sending indescribably exquisite sensations right through me. You hold onto my hips and thrust so deep inside me, I’m not aware of anything except how your cock feels, and Cara shuddering with pleasure. I move up to kiss her mouth and she fondles my breasts as you continue to fuck me so deep and so hard. The pleasure is so intense, it builds and builds, then completely overtakes me. The whole world disappears apart from the sensations flooding over and through me, and I feel your thrusts become more and more urgent before you come inside me. Then suddenly, stillness. My orgasm has taken all the energy from my muscles and for some minutes I can barely move or speak. You move over to Cara with a smile, as I lie back sated, unable to stop smiling.


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