Who am I? (kind of a follow-on from random musings)

In the words of the most wonderful Meredith Brooks “I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother. I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed…”

Over the last few days, having got through to round two of a series of interviews for a potential new job, a lot of lovely people wished me luck. A number of those advised me just to be myself and of course that got me thinking, what does that mean? Who am I really?

It’s an accepted truth that none of us really reveal our whole selves to the world – if nothing else, that’s an awful lot of information for anyone else to take in 😉 And as a consequence, if only certain aspects of ourselves are on show at any given time, we may well adapt what we show & tell in different circumstances to different people. Some of this may be through conscious effort, but much is an unconscious reaction to what we see, hear and feel around us.

So, on Friday for the interviews, I decided that “be yourself” really meant that I should relax, listen to the people conducting the interviews, and use it as an opportunity to find out as much as possible about their values and opinions and why they thought it was a good place to work.

So, I wasn’t putting on an act, was I? Surely that was me being myself….

Well, even with a sore throat I was the me who likes to talk, smile, laugh and interact with people, not the me who just wants to go somewhere quiet, maybe listen to music or read, and ignore the world for a while.

I was the office-smart, professional me, well the version I do these days in a fitted jersey dress and spike-heeled boots, not the me who might have been there 10 years ago in a pinstriped trouser suit, and certainly not the me who might be spotted from time to time wearing a corset or fairy wings.




One thought on “Who am I? (kind of a follow-on from random musings)

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