A London fantasy – part 1

I paused in front of the shop window, hesitantly smoothing my hair and checking my lipstick. Feeling unaccountably nervous, I hurriedly looked at my watch – if I didn t head straight into the bar, I’d be late and I had promised I would be on time. At the bottom of the basement steps, I looked around uncertainly, suddenly concerned about my choice of meeting place. I peered around, and suddenly saw her sitting at the bar, sipping a glass of wine. I caught her eye and she smiled, such a warm, lovely smile that started immediately to draw me in. Our brief kisses in greeting felt oddly formal compared to the last time we met. We exchanged pleasantries and Beth ordered another glass of wine. We paused uncertainly, I could feel my heart beating loudly in my chest and wondered if everyone else could hear it. Beth smiled again and took my hand, leading me across to a leather sofa in the corner. “Nice bar”, she said, smiling again and nodding towards the discrete ‘Ladies only’ sign next to the entrance. I smiled back, suddenly lost for words as she looked into my eyes again and as I noticed we were still holding hands. “I thought it would be somewhere we could er, relax” I stuttered . “Good choice” she repeated. Beth kept smiling and I found myself relaxing completely as we chatted and sipped our wine, gradually edging to sit closer and closer together. Suddenly, the urge to kiss Beth overwhelmed me completely, we leaned in towards each other, our lips met, hers so soft & yielding, a rush of the most delicious sensations coursing through me, my skin prickling with the excitement & joy. I very quickly became lost in the tide of sensations, Beth’s lips & tongue gentle but insistent, her fingers stroking my wrist. After what seemed at once an eternity & the blink of an eye, we broke apart, Beth again smiling that wonderful smile, looking intensely into my eyes. “I have instructions to give you this” she said. I took the envelope, slightly puzzled, my mind not having fully returned after the intensity of our kiss. “I think you should open it” Beth prompted, with a wink. A hotel key card, the name of a nearby hotel, and a number. I looked back up at Beth, suddenly overcome by a rush of nerves & excitement. “A gift from Ryan” she said. Smiling hesitantly, I stood up & took Beth’s hand “let’s” go! The bill paid, we headed straight across the road, through the hotel’s front door, across the lobby, and straight into the lift. A moment’s hesitation at the bedroom door, nerves washing over me, suddenly overwhelmed by the newness of the situation. Beth was much more relaxed, walking straight into the room, she again took my hand leading me towards the bed. I could hardly breathe, the anticipation was too much, but as we kissed & caressed each other, I stopped being aware of anything except the feel of Beth’s hands on my skin as she gently removed my clothes & the feel of her kisses. I was hardly aware of unbuttoning her shirt, I unzipped Beth’s skirt & it fell to the floor…

To be continued 😉


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