The Fitness Fiesta (take 1) #3andahalfblonds

This may not be the blog you were waiting for, after all, four girls away for the weekend, together in a nicely appointed but very, very small apartment, all sorts of things could have happened….in fact, I may write that blog later…. Be good in the meantime just in case** 😉

So, this is the first blog which came to mind while I was on the weekend itself…

Have you ever listened to the things fitness instructors actually say?  I’m not convinced that all of them actually are kinky, but some of them really would make great doms, and I quote:

“count down from 8, if I can’t hear you counting, I’ll give you eight more…I can’t hear you…”

“come on, you can do this, just five more; *walking around the room* well done, good girl, I knew you could do it”

“lie on your back on the floor and open your legs…yes, now!”

Of course, everyone is different, so it would be mad and slightly unfair to suggest that all fitness instructors are dom(me)s – even taking account of my earlier thoughts on personal  trainers (if you haven’t yet read “The appointment”, please do although that’s kind of given the game away), so here are some other things I heard in classes over the course of the weekend – feel free to leave the context to your no doiubt vivid imaginations:

“hold onto your balls!”

“wow! I’ve never seen so many balls in one place before”

“screw, screw!”

“are there any straight men in the room? You’d better leave now or you won’t be by the end of this…”

“aah! Aah!”

I’m sure there were more, but I fell asleep on Sunday evening before writing them down. And my memory is doing a very good impression of a colander. Please bear with me, if I remember anything else I will add it later J

Next up : The Fitness Fiesta (take 2) Girls Are Great #3andahalfblonds

And if you’re really lucky**, after that: The Fitness Fiesta (take 3) A Fantasy #3andahalfblonds

**Be good folks, be kind to each other


One thought on “The Fitness Fiesta (take 1) #3andahalfblonds

  1. They may not be kinky, but there’s a certain set of skills required to motivate people to that extent I think. Good Dom(me)s have them too I guess. 🙂

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