A London Fantasy – Part 2

If you haven’t already, I would respectfully suggest that you read “A London Fantasy – Part 1”. Otherwise, please continue…

Almost at the instant Beth’s skirt hits the floor, there’s a brisk knock at the door “room service!”. Giggling, we rush to pull the bath robes around ourselves, conscious of our messed-up hair, strewn-about clothes and smudged make-up. I answer the door, and the waiter wheels in a trolley bearing champagne, a large bowl of strawberries, a wrapped box and two envelopes. The waiter efficiently opens the champagne and pours two glasses, his expression is friendly but he doesn‘t quite meet our eyes. “I’ve been told you ladies will be bathing shortly, I’ll run the bath for you”. He disappears into the bathroom saying “see you later, ladies”.

His words don’t register as we pick up the envelopes. One is addressed to each of us, clearly indicating that I should open mine first. “Enjoy your gifts, ladies. There will be a surprise for you later, you must open the box now and the second envelope at 9pm and not a minute before”.

I pass the box to Beth to open, brushing my hand along her arm as I do so, then drop a strawberry into each champagne glass. Beth smiles as she unearths a series of goodies from the box – massage oils, bath oil, perfume, scented candles and some paperbacks, as well as two lengths of silken rope and two blindfolds.

Beth raises her eyebrows at the sight of these last objects and we start giggling again as we sip our strawberry-scented champagne and read the titles of the erotic novels. Then we both realise at once we haven’t seen the bathroom yet and rush in together, marvelling over the enormous Jacuzzi bath, which has already been filled by the waiter on his way out.

Our eyes meet and we kiss, a long slow lingering kiss. I start peeling Beth’s robe off her shoulder, planting kisses on her soft skin as it’s revealed – her collar bone, her shoulder, her breasts, her nipples and down towards her navel, until her robe falls again to the floor. Her nipple are standing to attention, and I lick and then gently bite them, looking up to her for approval with a grin on my face. Beth stands very still, murmuring her appreciation, then pulls my face towards her for another lingering kiss.

“Massage or bath?” I ask her”, she takes my hand and leads me to the bath with a wink. I dash back to pick up the bath oil and add it to the bath before we get into the roomy Jacuzzi and press the switch so the water swirls around us. Oh, the feel of wet, silky skin 😉

To be continued….


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