The Fitness Fiesta (take 2) Girls Are Great #3andahalfblonds

No, in case you’re wondering, this isn’t that kind of blog post either: see previous comments re: being good 😉 Now, you haven’t really been that good have you!?

Gosh, girls are great, aren’t they?

They really are. Over the last few months, I’ve been struck again and again by how amazing some of my female friends are. (See, I told you it isn’t that kind of post). Some of the men I know are lovely too –and one or two deserve a lot of credit for introducing me to some amazing women –  but the girls come up tops every time by being consistently fabulous.

I know that I’m very lucky to know some really beautiful women, who are also intelligent, warm, funny and kind. Some I know from the past – school, university, previous work, etc.  Some more recently from flying, dancing classes, and of course, twitter. Sadly, I don’t always get to spend as much time with them as I would like. Is there ever enough time?

Recently, I seem to have cause to remember how great my friends are on a daily basis, however I was very strongly reminded of this last weekend at the (by now presumably infamous) #3andahalfblondes Fitness Fiesta.

The weekend did not have the most auspicious of starts – one or two of us were running a bit late from the start, and then having successfully managed to pack the car and get underway, we proceeded to get lost – very lost…although I did try to maintain for a short while that we were simply uncertain of our position. No one was convinced.

I was driving. I am as some of you may already know, quite easily distracted.  Whilst my driving companions and I were aware of this in a general sense, none of us had realized what a profound impact this might have on our day.  Unfortunately, talk of sexual adventures and naked torsos, plus a GPS determinedly trying to avoid two separate traffic jams meant that I missed two turnings and ended up driving around in circles in North London for quite some time. It is some comfort that the M25 was actually closed at that point, and so our original route would have also been a nightmare, but the real reason for telling you this is that my companions were so calm and supportive throughout. No one got cross, no one got stressed – although there was some mild hysteria the second time we drove past Seven Sisters tube – and if nothing else, I was able to calmly keep driving albeit into the odd dead end.

Throughout (apart from during the slight hysteria) the conversation was fun, open and honest. Of course, we agreed that Chatham House rules (commonly referred to as “what goes on tour stays on tour”) would apply from the start of the journey, so although we may well have been talking about you – yes, you – I’m not going to tell you 😉

After hours and hours and hours and hours on the road, we finally arrived at the lovely Morgan’s house and recuperated with a cup of coffee before setting off again. Slightly better organized for the second leg of the journey, we at least now had chocolate on hand to sustain the driver *grins*. The temptation to open the wine was by this stage quite strong, but my companions were kind enough to resist, even though I know that Megan was very tempted.

So, we arrived, we unpacked, we didn’t cry for too long over the bottle of champagne which fell out of the car and smashed on the ground.

Sadly, we had missed the Friday fitness classes (sorry Megan!) so we settled down for an evening of good food – beautifully cooked by Angela , rather a lot of wine, and most importantly conversation. We fairly quickly decided to give the disco a miss and at Megan’s suggestion changed into our pyjamas. How truly wonderful, to be able to relax and be so at ease with people. We all have different backgrounds, different life experiences, different life choices and different points of view about some quite fundamental things. But we could still be open and honest about our views, opinions and past behaviour, without any fear of judgement.  This for me characterised the weekend, and was one of my favourite things about it. As we shared more about ourselves, I felt closer and closer to these amazing women, and in awe of the things they have overcome, the things they have achieved, and their warmth and generosity.

I’m also very impressed that the weekend went so smoothly from a practical point of view – the way the catering, tidying and sharing all worked and the overall organisation couldn’t have been improved upon. It all felt so comfortable and so simple. And I can’t remember feeling so relaxed or sleeping so well in recent history. Naturally, we had started planning the next one (or two) before we left!

So, in summary, thank you girls, you are amazing.

And coming up next**: The Fitness Fiesta (take 3) A Fantasy #3andahalfblonds

**Be good folks, be kind to each other

*** Names have been changed to protect my dear friends’ modesty, they aren’t the type to boast


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