Distracted at work – a fantasy

I thought a little light relief might be in order…

It’s a quiet day in the office, the phone hardly rings, emails are scare and my colleagues are for once all absorbed in their work for a time.

I look at the papers in front of me and sigh – there’s a key piece of information missing before I can make any real progress. Out of the blue, my phone chimes with a message from a familar number “go to the ladies and take your panties off – now”.

I smile at the distraction, stand up and head out of the open plan office with my phone, pausing only for a second to wonder why on earth I’m actually doing as I’m told.

I’m relieved that no-one looks up or sees me en route, as I’m sure I’m blushing furiously. I close the door and remove my lacy knickers as my phone chimes again “I said now”. I quickly text back to confirm that I’ve accomplished the task, my heart beating wildly as I wait for the response. “Good girl, now send me a photo, and I want to see the stocking tops you described this morning”.

I focus on taking the photo, already feeling distinctly aroused, albeit with that slight sense of unease which I find accompanies feeling turned on in such incompatible surroundings. After several attempts I get a decent photo and send it off feeling both a sense of triumph and slightly more unease when I realise how long I’ve now been away from my desk. I contemplate heading back, but stop as I realise if I do I won’t be there for long.

I can now feel the blood pulsing in my pussy and I know if I reach down I’ll be extremely damp. Just as my hand moves downwards my phone chimes again “well done. Go back to your desk, you are not to come until I say so”. The thought of being without instant relief is almost unbearable, I text back one word “please”. The response is almost immediate “Patience. You may come back in half an hour”. The blood rushes back to my head as I rearrange my dress and then walk slowly back to my desk. I’m so relieved again that no-one appears to pay any attention. I’m feeling at once discomfited and spaced out from the arousal and can’t believe any one who looked right at me could fail to notice.

The half an hour drags, I’m acutely conscious of my knickerless state and increasingly in need of an orgasm. I mutter something to my colleagues about having to make a private call and back to the ladies as my phone chimes again “I want you to imagine sucking me off as you come”. With that image in my head and my fingers working my clit and in my pussy, I come almost instantly and intensely, then lean on the wall to take a few minutes to gather myself as my thoughts and emotions piece themselves together again. I can’t keep the smile off my face as I head back to my desk with a spring in my step, after sending a quick text “Thank you sir”.

I have yet to work out why this turns me on – that may be the subject of another blog. In the meantime, writing this has proved a pleasant distraction and brought back some happy memories 🙂


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