What has twitter ever done for you?

Sleep seems elusive at the moment, so here I am again.

Every so often, someone asks me why on earth I’m on twitter.  And again wanting to avoid the answer “why not?” I try to explain…

So what has twitter ever done for me? My initial reason for signing up was to enable me to say the things which occured to me during the morning commute and which didn’t seem quite appropriate for facebook….

But other than that? Well, other than having an outlet for random thoughts, I discovered Wilton’s Music Hall (and it is a truly marvellous place, if you don’t know it, google it now, please! Yes, now).

So apart from being an outlet for random thoughts, and leading me to Wilton’s, what has twitter done for me? (Don’t panic, I’m going to stop doing that very shortly ;-))

Well, it gave me the opportunity to do some corset modelling….something I never thought I’d do especially for the first time at the age of 39. I rather liked some of the photos and gather that some of you rather liked them too. It’s been extremely liberating to post a photo on twitter which clearly shows I don’t have supermodel thighs – or even close – but to find it’s been very well received. 🙂 (I am aware that my current profile photo’s been there far too long, must find a new one sharpish).

So, apart from an outlet for random thoughts, leading me to Wilton’s, and providing me with an opportunity to do some corset modelling, what has twitter ever done for me? (Yep, that’s the last time).

It also helped me get my tattoo – I asked the twitterverse for recommendations, got an excellent recommendation from a very reliable source, and arranged the appointment at one of the best tattoo studios in the country. And I still love it!

Twitter keeps me entertained on the way to and from from work (or from after work drinks). It’s also given me the impetus and encouragement to set up this blog…something else I never actually thought I would do. And I must confess I really like it. I am trying very hard not to obsess about the stats though 😉

And then of course we get to a recurring theme – the main thing which twitter has done for me is to put me in touch with you all.

Because of the people I’ve met on twitter:

  • I have an amazing network of friends who I’ve actually met on twitter (some of whom have been mentioned in earlier posts)
  • I’ve had the opportunity to chat from time to time with some very interesting people I would never have met otherwise
  • I’ve been to some extremely interesting parties and social events
  • I’ve started to realise how very diverse and wide-ranging people’s views, lifestyles and outlooks on life are
  • Again and again I’ve been cheered and amazed by the warmth and kindness of strangers
  • quite significantly, twitter has helped me to feel that I can move to the West Country without losing my social circle and support network and so has been integral to making an extremely big decision this week (it’s even occured to me that it could be a good way to find new friends when I get there)
  • I could go on and on but I think that’s enough for now….maybe more later.

5 thoughts on “What has twitter ever done for you?

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  2. Nicely written……and I agree whole heartedly. Twitter is a place to express yourself without fear, a great place to debate (in 140 characters) and meet some people you never would have otherwise. Including you 🙂

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