Fitness fiesta (take 3) – a fantasy #3andahalfblondes

So, the *long-awaited* take 3 (i.e. I said I’d write it two weeks ago). You may wish to read takes 1 & 2 for some context…but of course this version really is a fantasy, I’m sure you understand that what goes on tour stays on tour 😉

To set the scene, it’s Saturday evening, Megan and I return to the apartment after the most wonderful ’80’s aerobics session: after four quite demanding classes already that day, neither of us thought we’d make it through a whole class, but we were proved wrong, it was such an excellent class it kept us enthralled throughout. From ‘It’s Raining Men’ to ‘Fame! You wanna live forever’ we grapevined and lept with the rest of them. I’m pretty sure flashdance was in there too, but the climax was most certainly Bonnie Tyler’s Holding out for a hero – just cast your mind back now “Doo doo doo; doo doo doo; doo doo doo; aaaah! aaaah!” (really, go listen to it, you’ll see what I mean :-P) Angela and Morgan are already back at the apartment, showered and relaxed.  Our enthusiasm and adrenalin sets the atmosphere as we return and we’re soon all  in the mood for a fun girls’ night out. 

Once Megan & I have showered, I make dinner and we eat the risotto and drink white wine (grape juice for the lovely Morgan), then with a suitable soundtrack start getting ready for the disco. After a long day of fitness classes, we each reluctantly surrender the idea of wearing the killer heels and opt for the ever so slightly lower-heeled dancing shoes…yep, we came along prepared for all eventualities 😉

So, party outfits & jewellery on, make-up for some of us, adjustments of straps and stocking tops, just a little good-natured jostling for the one mirror in the apartment and we were ready to go.

We arrived quite early at the disco, so Angela and I were among the first on the dance floor, pretty soon after the ’80’s music started. The vast room soon started to fill up, and very shortly the dance floor was pretty busy. After all, the fitness fiesta attracts mainly women, and girls do love to dance….

Angela is a very sensual and enthusiastic dancer, and her moves soon attracted attention – a striking, slim dark-haired woman in a short sparkly white dress started dancing closer and closer, before moving in. I winked and retreated a little, to give them space and to give myself the opportunity to watch. After a little while the music changed and Angela and I retreated back to our table and shortly after, Morgan and Megan took to the floor before coming back to watch the floor show.

The floor show was entertaining at first, a troupe of semi-naked acrobatic dancers with amazing balance & muscle definition, although as Morgan agreed, they didn’t quite measure up to La Clique’s ‘man in the bath’ (if you never saw La Clique, you definitely missed something, we were transfixed ;-))

After a short while the initial novelty had worn off, and it was paling beside the warmth & sensuality of our group, so after a little gentle flirting we decided we could have a lot more fun back at the ranch….

Cut to the apartment, the four of us sitting around the table in our nightwear, most of us drinking madeira and eating chocolates. The conversation naturally was frank, open and becoming more and more intimate as time passed.

I can’t recall who put on the sultry music, nor who it was that suggested moving over to the sofa bed in the tiny sitting room to get more comfortable. It was warm as we snuggled up on the double bed together still chatting openly about our pasts, our views, opinions and hopes. 

As we chatted, suddenly the mood changed to mischief as Megan and suddenly heard Bonnie Tyler’s strident tones on the iPod: we just had to demonstrate the routine to the other girls.  Unfortunately (or maybe not ;-)) the lack of space meant that within minutes of starting to dance we’d both collapsed onto the sofa bed in fits of giggles. Neither of us had the energy or inclination to get up, so we lay there as we caught our breath, and laughingly suggested that Morgan & Angela should join us on the bed to continue our chatter.

It seemed natural as conversation gave way to cuddling, to gradually remove our robes and pyjamas to reveal such soft, soft skin. And what beautiful women my friends are: awesome breasts, nipples standing to attention, the silky smooth skin of inner thighs…a tangle of limbs, a profusion of kisses as our lips and fingertips explored. After a time, we paired off and continued to explore more intimately in our own rooms taking time over every curve, every fold, feeling as well as hearing the sighs & moans of pleasure. We fell asleep closely entwined, well satisfied we dreamed the sweetest of dreams.

Thank you my friends for a fabulous weekend xxx


One thought on “Fitness fiesta (take 3) – a fantasy #3andahalfblondes

  1. If I was a girl I will dream the same dreams as girls . But I am a man I can’t hold a men’s Dick cos I will not move any mountain. The touch of my Hands can move the whole of a girl’s body to the world of fantasy. I am thrilled

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