The nameless fuck – a fantasy

It started with a text message to a friend of a friend, and feeling slightly bored and mischievous – not to mention horny – on the train on the way to work.

‘I heard you’re in London and might be looking for some company this evening’. The reply came back by return in the affirmative, and arrangements were quickly made.  As an afterthought we exchanged photos. My friend had spoken warmly of him, so I didn’t feel as though I was talking to a stranger.

As the evening approached, I felt that familiar feeling of excitement, nerves and anticipation building. I hoped my colleagues wouldn’t notice how distracted I was becoming as the afternoon drew on.

The minutes dragged but 5.30 finally arrived, I left the office having nervously retouched my make-up and fluffed up my hair, checked my text messages and headed for the hotel : ‘I’ll be in the bar, I’ll have a glass of champagne waiting for you’. I hesitated as I walked into the foyer, my heart pounding, a quick look at the photo on my phone, then I took a deep breath and walked straight into the bar towards a familiar-looking, smiling face.

I took the glass offered to me, my heart still racing, aware that I was becoming more and more turned on as we sat and chatted, hesitantly at first, both mainly thinking of what we planned next.

It wasn’t long before he took my hand and led me upstairs to his room. We kissed in the lift, gently then more passionately barely breaking apart to go into the room and settle onto the sofa where we quickly started to shed our clothes, his kisses becoming more and more urgent, his hands exploring.

He exclaimed at how wet I’d become before kissing me again deeply as he pulled at the back of my hair, then ordered me to remove his boxers and take his cock into my mouth. I hesitated for a second, it was huge…then I wrapped my lips around the tip and started to lick as I took it slowly bit by bit into my mouth. As I marveled at the wonderful taste, he abruptly pulled me away and gestured to the bed. ‘Now!’

First his fingers, then his lips brought me to orgasm as I looked into his eyes and cried out again and again, then begged for his cock as he continued to tease. At last, when the waiting was almost unbearable he started to enter me and I gasped as he thrust deeper and deeper, slowly at first, stretching me and filling me up. The feeling was exquisite, almost too much to bear but at the same time I wanted and needed more. We shifted round and he spanked me as he fucked me deeper and deeper until I came so hard I could hardly remember to breathe. I collapsed back on the bed as he came inside me, still looking into my eyes.

Later as we kissed good bye and I closed the door behind me, I realised that I didn’t know his name.


2 thoughts on “The nameless fuck – a fantasy

  1. WOW Hotels are soooo naughty.
    It is very similar to a real life encounter I had. I met Jan through a chatroom and we started cybersex and phonesex before finally arranging to meet in a hotel between both ours homes.
    I had requested she do the age old cliche of coming down to the bar in just a long coat with lingerie underneath and like a dream she did as requested.
    We hadnt even exchanged photos so I had no idea what to expect but I nnednt have worried as she was very pretty with a lovely figure.
    The events in the bedroom were amazing too (even the bit where the maid opened the door to see Jan sucking my cock)
    If you feel like sharing fantasies and experiences then I am more than happy to do so.
    You have my e-mail address so let me know.



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