I think this may be some peoples’ favourite hashtag, for the time being at least.

Things to tweet about this often occur to me but I don’t quite get around to tweeting them, so I thought I’d blog therm instead while I’m thinking about it. Here are a selection for your delectation:

  • School days are not the best days of your life
  • Working hard gets you so far, but being easy to work with gets you a lot further
  • Your mother is probably right
  • Your sister is probably right about all the things you can’t/won’t ask your mum
  • Boys/men are not the answer
  • You shouldn’t be looking for the answer anyway, you should be working out what the question is
  • People really are more interesting than you realise
  • You’re right, a lot of organised religion is badly messed up
  • In a few years, it will not be considered odd to be an atheist
  • In a few years, it will be pretty cool to be a geek
  • It really is a good idea to learn languages
  • People at parties are not worrying about how cool you are – they are worrying about what people think of them
  • Only ever buy clothes that make you feel amazing – this will save you lots of money. You won’t wear the rest anyway.
  • You have firm thighs and no cellulite – enjoy it, wear lots of mini skirts
  • Never ever turn down an invitation because you don’t know what to wear
  • Do buy as many privatised utility shares as you can. Lots of people will do this and you’ll make money.
  • People will make lots of assumptions about you – that can be an advantage and can also be a lot of fun
  • Listen to other people, they may be very different from you. Don’t judge, listen. If possible, empathise
  • Some people are odd. Some people will think you’re odd too – that’s OK.
  • You don’t have to decide now what to do for the rest of your life
  • Try kissing girls, you might like it
  • Punctuation is extremely important
  • Cherish your friends, real friends will still be there in 25 years’ time
  • One day, you will own a house, and a car and enjoy eating olives
  • If you want to learn to fly, you can – just start saving up for the lessons
  • When you get a tattoo, your mum will like it – just wait a while
  • You will look back every so often and think ‘wow, did I really do that?’

That’s it from me for now. Do feel free to add your own. Thank you for reading J


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