The arrangement – a fantasy

I checked the latest email for my instructions. Hotel, time, attire – all correct. I strode into the foyer with a big smile on my face and headed straight to the bar.

I saw you before you spotted me, sitting right at one end of the bar with a chilled glass of champagne ready and waiting. As I walked towards you I had a fleeting chance to admire the cut of your suit and the light shadow of stubble on your jaw before you turned and smiled then winked at me.

‘Right on time’ you say ‘well done. I hope you’ve followed the rest of my instructions as well’. I cast my eyes down, suddenly self-conscious. You reach towards me and gently lift my chin so I’m looking straight into your eyes. ‘Come closer, show me’ I hear you say. I step towards you as I feel a thrill of panic right through me as I realise what you mean ‘what, here?’ I stutter. ‘Yes, what are you waiting for?’ I hear the steely tone in your voice and step even closer to you, angling myself away from the main bar area before removing my velvet scarf then slowly starting to open the buttons of my coat. You stand, towering over me and hold the open edges of my coat as you look me up and down agonisingly slowly.

I feel myself blushing a deep shade of crimson as you continue to look before the slightest nod of approval. ‘Hmmm, red satin & fishnets, an excellent choice’. You’ve raised your voice slightly and I feel my cheeks getting even hotter – I’m sure people at nearby tables can hear and I imagine them turning to look.

Your hand reaches down and lightly brushes my inner thighs I shudder as I realise I’m already damp and you’ll be bound to discover this very shortly as your hand moves gradually upwards. But you stop just short of my shaved pussy and I exhale as you draw your hand away, suddenly realising I’ve been holding my breath. ‘Later’ you say, passing me the glass of champagne. You do up my coat for me, leaving a couple of buttons open at the top. I sit and sip at champagne, wondering what’s on your mind but not quite feeling able to ask.

After what seems like an age as we finish our drinks and chat about our highlights and lowlights of the week just gone, you take my hand and lead me to the lift, your eyes again looking intently into mine. As you press the lift button even before the doors close we start to kiss passionately, your stubble grazing my cheeks. You reopen my coat buttons and reach straight for my pussy. In my knickerless state I know you can feel instantly how incredibly turned on I am ‘my, my’ you whisper softly in my ear, ‘anyone would think you enjoyed standing almost naked in that bar. And I thought you were such a good girl’. You chuckle softly as I shudder and frantically pull my coat around me as the lift doors open.

You take my free hand and lead me straight to your room, pushing me against the wall as soon as we’re through the door as you kiss me again, more forcefully this time. We both fumble to remove your clothes as we kiss. I remove your boxer shorts, your cock is already erect and rock hard. I;m so wet you slide straight into me, moving gently at first, then starting to thrust harder and deeper as I feel the waves of pleasure start washing over me. Just as I start to orgasm, you pull out. I almost start to sob with frustration but as I’m about to beg you to keep fucking me you turn me around, hands against the wall and start to fuck me even deeper from behind, until I come hard crying out for you please not to stop.

You hold me gently as I gradually feel my consciousness come back into the room, and then guide me to the bed. I relax for a while, lying back and enjoying you kissing and stroking me with a featherlight touch.

I’m gradually becoming more and more aroused as I revel in the delightful sensations of your touch, my eyes closed. You quietly move away and I hear you moving around the room, in my blissed state I don’t think about what you might be doing until you gently move my hands above my head and I feel the brush of silken rope as you start to loop it around my wrists. My heart quickens and my eyes fly open to meet your gaze. I’m suddenly speechless, at once overwhelmed with desire, anticipation and a slight panic at what might be about to happen.

You tell me to turn over, I obey without hesitation and soon feel a similar rope fastening each of my ankles to the posts at the end of the bed, my legs pulled into a wide V, as you remove my bra but leave my stocking and suspender belt. I feel so aroused and so vulnerable as you walk around the bed in silence. I’m desperate for some clue about what you’re planning…then ‘thwak!’ I hear the snap of the leather tawse as you test it against the palm of your hand. ‘You said you wondered how this would feel’ I hear your voice as though from a distance, my head whirling at the prospect.

You stroke each of my buttocks with the palm of your hand, as I try to calm my breathing.  Your finger dips inside me, and I hear you tut ‘so wet, you are a naughty girl aren’t you?’ I feel two fingers inside me, then three. I squirm against your hand, getting closer and closer to coming again. ‘Not yet’ you chuckle and before I realise what’s happening the tawse slaps down onto my ass with a sharp crack. I gasp loudly as the second, third and forth blows become more intense, then cry out as the fifth lands right at the top of my thigh as it meets my ass. ‘So, does it feel as you imagined?’ you ask suddenly, as the sixth stroke, lighter this time, feels all the more intense as it lands on my pussy.  I find my self unable to think or speak, and as you pause watching me intently, I feel the warmth of arousal spreading again ‘so, do you want me to stop?’ I’m about to ask you to stop, I really don’t think I can continue, but before I manage to form the words the need for you to continue is overwhelming ‘no, don’t stop, please’. ‘Five more’ you say, and count them. I call out louder each time, my orgasm crashing over me as the fifth and final stroke lands, and you slide your cock into me again from behind, gently bringing me to yet another climax as you come again inside me.

We sleep a little while, then kiss before I get out of bed and dress in the sensible clothes I brought from the office, belting my coat tightly around me. ‘Same time next week?’ you ask? I grin broadly as I say ‘oh yes, I’ll look forward to your instructions’ and let myself out of the room stopping only to blow a kiss from the doorway.


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