The dream – a fantasy

It started off as one of those surreal dreams where the scenery changes seamlessly from town to countryside to outer space. The colours were vivid, swirling in and out in patterns reminiscent of those cute Pucci dresses. The characters, initially consistent with the office surroundings morphed into people from the recent and then more distant past, including some I hadn’t thought about for years. I made my way through the dream script, seamlessly falling into the various characters as though expertly directed from somewhere offstage, my lines coming to me effortlessly as the dreamworld warped & shifted around me. Then suddenly, as though someone flicked a switch,
I noticed that this wasn’t the dream I’d started with. Why were there people here? I hadn’t seen Sophie since 1995 when she’d moved to Japan, nor Charlie who went to work in Romania in 2007.
I looked around me, panicking suddenly – why the hall? Why all the people? It was obviously a party. How did I get here? I knew clearly I was in the office preparing for a meeting only minutes ago. Why was I here, somehow I knew the party was for me. Just as quickly, I relaxed as it all fell into place. I do enjoy lucid dreams…
I mentally settled back to watch the rest of the story unfold, wondering where it would take me next.
Then suddenly there you were. Striding through the room straight towards me, somehow looking more substantial than the rest of the characters populating my dream.
I started to ask you why you were here, and to protest that I couldn’t leave my guests, then realised how crazy that was – I was dreaming, anything could happen. In my vision the rest of the dream seemed to blur slightly, and flatten, like theatre scenery while the partygoers still swirled around us. You took me firmly by the hand ‘this way’ you said, most definitely a command and not a question, as you propelled me to a curtained doorway I hadn’t spotted before. Through the doorway, a long corridor, doors on each side. You led me to the door at the far end. I looked up at you and could see from the expression on your face that there was no point in asking why, or what you had in mind.
The doorway opened into a beautiful drawing room, all velvet and silk, and polished floors. I started at the incongruity of the furnishings, then reminded myself again that I was dreaming. You lead me over to an enormous day-bed, and gently laid me back onto it, peeling away the layers of elaborate lace, silk and corsetry I found myself wearing.  My top and bra fell away, then my skirt, leaving my underbust corset, silk stockings, suspenders and high-heeled boots. You stood back to admire the effect, I looked up at you to see your expression change, and your eyes usually a piercing blue darken to almost a deep navy as you stared intently. My breath quickened and I felt the first intense rush of desire sear through me – interrupted by a fleeting thought at how real this all seemed as I briefly remembered I was dreaming – before letting myself sink deeper and deeper into the sensations of your hands on my flesh, gentle at first then becoming more urgent. Your hand firmly holding my wrists above my head, as your cock slid smoothly into my waiting pussy.

My eyes flew open, I was briefly disorientated. You, still you, always you, but in my own room, my own bed, both of us naked as you fucked me harder and deeper. You smiled: ‘morning, sweetheart’ as wave after wave of my orgasm swept through me.


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