Working my notice – some musings

As the less unobservant of my followers on twitter may be aware, I’m currently working my notice.

As I walked back from the station last night, I was reflecting on what a pleasant day I’d had and how relaxed I’d been feeling at work since I finally made the decision to change jobs.
It wasn’t a trivial decision, as it entails a house move, and living quite a bit further away from some very special friends. And I do like my current job and work with some terrific people.
But amidst all the uncertainty and upheaval of the move, I have really been enjoying my job these past few weeks.
Not only that, quite a few things are going really rather well…
– I’m on track to meet or exceed all my objectives this year;
– I’ve already beaten my income target;
– the staff I’ve been developing are all on track for payrises, promotions etc.
– I’ve been networking like crazy (even by my usual standards); and
– new clients are signing up left right & centre…
Now these things are all as they should be for someone who’s been doing their job for as long as I have: by now I really should know how to do it. But as I mulled this over as I walked, the thing which struck me was that recently I’ve been able to do these things with a certain lightness of step which often eludes me the rest of the time.
Needless to say, as I’m leaving, what I do or don’t do in the next couple of months won’t have any material benefit to me personally. But for all that, now the pressure is off I seem to be more easily achieving what I need to do. Even with all the leaving on time and long lunches and coffee ‘meetings’ 😉 
So it got me wondering whether I could take this feeling into my new job. Whether I can in fact really focus on the bits of the job I enjoy and still make sure the rest gets done. Whether I can maintain my new-found improved ability to prioritise. Whether I can not just keep my cool in the face of constant demands on the phone & email but treat it almost as a game and finish each day smiling.

Or is it simply that it’s much easier to achieve when the pressure’s really off for a while? Well, we shall see…. 😉


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