The journey – a fantasy

I check my watch, it’s late. The carriage is gradually emptying as the passengers embark at stop after stop.
I draw my coat around me, shivering slightly, as the doors open and watch more people get off. I’m looking the wrong way and don’t hear you until you’re right beside me.
You sit opposite me, blocking my view of the rest of the carriage. You lean in to kiss me, hard and long leaving me flushed and panting, then order me to sit up on the table facing you. I try to look around you to see who else is in the carriage ‘no, look at me, right at me’ you say ‘there’s no one watching, well, probably not’. I squirm with embarrasment as you push my skirt right up to the top of my thighs as I look straight into your eyes. I see your smile and nod of approval as I sit there with my legs either side of you, completely exposed and vulnerable.
Your fingers tease me taking me almost to the edge as you move in to kiss my inner thighs, working your way excrutiatingly slowly to my pussy. You abruptly stop and pull me towards you, holding me right against the edge of the table as you lick my outer lips tasting me, then lick deeper inside me as you flick your tongue over my clit again and again.
I’m totally lost to the sensation of my orgasm building and oblivious to my surroundings as I tense my thighs around your head and you keep licking me as I come, and keep licking deeper as I relax.

You pull me towards you urgently and we move round to make a little more space which gives me the opportunity to see that the only occupant of our carriage is fast asleep. You open your trousers and I struggle to remove your boxer shorts from around your rock hard, throbbing cock.

I move to straddle you, taking my time to very slowly take you inside me, inch by inch. I gasp as I feel the thickness of your erection as you look me in the eyes, your gaze holding me intently. I’m desperate to feel the whole of your length inside me but I’m just as keen to savour every second as your cock slides inside me, filling and stretching me. You hold me as you thrust deeper and harder, for a split second I think I hear someone but the realisation isn’t enough to distract me from coming again – I feel you throbbing inside me and know that you must be close as I reach down to stroke your balls as you climax inside me as my muscles grip you so tightly, holding you as you start to relax, still looking right into my eyes as though you can see right into the depths of my mind.

We reluctantly move apart and straighten ourselves up as we hear footsteps approach. I’m extremely conscious of how dishevelled I must look as we hear a voice ‘evening, sir. Tickets, please!’ and look up at the inspector who gives you a knowing wink.


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