The one – just one more musing

A thought keeps drifting through my mind since I wrote the last post.
I started thinking about the idea (much touted in popular films) that platonic friendship isn’t possible between men and women, so to be friends, it’s a good idea to get the attraction bit out of your system….
Of course, I’m thinking, among others, about When Harry Met Sally…
And of course, Nora Ephron was right in the end. I mean, that ‘getting it out of your system’ idea is never going to work.
You like someone, you enjoy their company, you understand each other, you have things in common, you’re on each others’ wavelengths, you’re even quite attracted to each other….
You sleep together, maybe to get it out of your system, maybe it just seemed a good idea at the time, maybe the time was just right: I think the odds are pretty good that you’ll both enjoy it. It might even be amazing, way beyond your expectations.
And where does that leave you?


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