Happy New Decade – a short, random musing

What does 2011 mean to you? The start of a new decade, how will it compare with the last one?

The start of 2001 does seem like a very long time ago – I was in a different job, living in a different house in a different town, driving a different car. Very few of my close friends were married then, and even fewer had children. I was also just into my thirties, and hadn’t yet learned to fly. Nor did I own a single corset (although my lingerie obsession had already started).

So much has happened in that decade – births, deaths, marriages, divorces amongst my family and friends. Some friends have drifted away, others have become closer, and I’ve made new ones.

And on the wider world stage, so many disasters, natural and man-made, showing how little control we all have over our own destiny.

And on a lighter note, there is so much more technology everywhere. How is it that at least half the people I know seem to work in IT of some kind? And it is now fashionable to be a geek 🙂

So, what will the next decade hold? Will nuclear fission become part of our everyday lives and see an end to global warming? Will ongoing ash cloud-type disasters really mean that flying abroad will become the occasional luxury it once was rather than something we all take for granted? Will the Maldives really disappear as sea levels rise?

Obviously these aren’t the important questions but there are plenty of people out there to ask and answer those.

For me, 2011 so far is set to involve another job move, house move, a relocation to the country and possibly a big change of lifestyle. I sincerely hope that the good friends I have now will still be there at the end of this decade and that I can be there for them whatever the next 10 years holds in store.

So, to friendship and hugs, love and laughter and looking to the fun times ahead 🙂 xxxx


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