It’s been quite a week – a musing

I keep finding myself thinking back over the last week and so much has happened of significance to me that I thought it worth writing it down. It has definitely been a week of mixed emotions. But possibly it won’t sound nearly as significant in the telling. So, please either indulge me here for a little while or find something more interesting ūüėČ

So, the week started with the huge relief of my mum getting over her cadiac scare although her initial euphoria at still being alive had tempered as the adrenalin faded away.¬† That episode definitely stopped my surface worries about the practicalities of moving house, finding a new place to live, starting a new job etc. as it really brought home to me the benefits of living nearer my family. I still had to keep reminding myself that the good friends who’d been there for me during the scare wouldn’t simply disappear because I was moving.

Then two frantic days at work while I tried to make sure I left everything in good order. What I’m now calling ‘early nostalgia’ had set in, that feeling of missing things before they’ve gone. Clients, my team and other colleagues were so lovely and supportive about the move, and my new opportunity, I started to realise how much I’d miss them. I also rembered vividly starting my job and knowing no one, and the contrast between my first few weeks there and now hit me, as well as the realisation of the enormous task ahead in establishing myself somewhere new.

My leaving presents from work were so well-thought out and very lovely indeed, especially as they were chosen by a colleague who I wouldn’t have considered a friend until very recently – it took us quite a while to warm to each other. I was even more touched by her quietly saying how much she’d miss me at work.

I finished work on Tuesday,¬†with two weeks to go before starting the new job¬†and headed home with my pressies¬†and a big bunch of flowers, realising it was my last proper commute…I didn’t get seat on the train ūüėõ

Then Wednesday brought my first day off, and all the paperwork associated with changing banks and estate agents, which I’d been putting off. It was lovely being able to get up late though!

And so to Thursday Рmy work leaving drinks in the evening, kept informal with mostly colleagues from the last job but a scattering of people from my previous firm. January is a busy time of year in my business, so I knew that those who came had made a real effort to be there.

Whilst I had the recurring realisation that inevitably there would be people there I’d never see again, I was¬†hugely reassured by¬†my former colleagues whose physical presence there was tangible proof that the people who matter really do stick around. As were the lovely messages from one or two who couldn’t make it. It was a¬†great mix of people, a really pleasant evening with some extremely lovely but not too tearful hugs at the end.

Friday was a recoup day – I thought I’d allow myself the luxury of enjoying one of my Christmas presents of True Blood DVDs. Partly pure self indulgence, and partly to ensure I was on form in the hope I’d be flying on Saturday.

And it was yesterday that really brought it home to me what a week it’s been. I had a check flight booked at 9am as I’d gone over the currency requirements. The weather looked hopeless but having cancelled several similar bookings due to snow, rain, fog etc over the last month or so, I decided to head to the airfield in any case.

The visibility was really quite appaling. The cloud base wasn’t great either. I went out and checked out and refueled an aircraft, more than anything for the feel of being behind the control column with the throttle in my hand. We agreed the check-flight was a no-go and there was no¬†chance of heading to Compton Abbas as planned.

The¬†friends I’d planned to fly with arrived and we commiserated with others in the club house over bacon sandwiches. It looked as though no one would be flying that day. Meanwhile, a very good flying buddy worked out that I could get checked out by doing some bad weather circuits and found a friendly instructor to take me up…and I even had a checked and fueled aircraft ready to go.

My friend backseated¬†for my check flight and 20 minutes later I was signed off. But sadly that appeared to be the only flying taking¬†place that day. It was fabulous to get into the air, but back in the cameraderie of the club house, catching up on everyone’s news, I realised here was another bunch of people I’ll really miss when I move.¬† Of course we can fly to see each other which helps ūüôā

Then a few favourite haunts in the afternoon such as my favourite local farm shop, and home to get ready for the evening out. With other friends who I haven’t known so long as my flying buddies or work colleagues, but who are very dear to me. But a tremendously fun evening of dressing up, music, comedy, a little wine¬†and of course, burlesque. There aren’t many days which start with checking the aviation forecast and end after an evening at a burlesque night….

I’ve had a little too much time to reflect today. It really has been a week of change, of realisation and of contemplation. Today I saw more friends, and people came to view the house. It¬†almost feels now as though the move is actually happening, although I don’t think that’ll really hit me until I’m actually driving down the M4¬†en route to my new job.

So many thoughts and emotions, it could never look or sound the same on paper as it did in my head and my heart. And as I sit here on Sunday evening, I wonder what next week will bring…..


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