Is this really goodbye?

There was an emotional goodbye after my flight yesterday, with tears and hugs and lots of reassurances about future flights. Of course Sue (my favourite flying buddy) and I can easily co-ordinate our flying trips to meet up – if we’re flying anyway it’s definitely quicker than driving 🙂 But it still won’t be as simple as it has been to date.

So, whilst we know intellectually that we have the wherewithal to remain friends & continue to see and fly with each other, emotionally we’re both still feeling a loss. Sue has some major changes coming up in her life too, a house move, and her first grandchild on the way. Things may still be good, but they will be very different for us both, in our separate lives as well as for our friendship.

These feelings mirror other fond farewells recently – work colleagues past and present, many many friends, old and new, who are London or East of England based.

As some of you wonderful people have reassured me, the people who matter won’t disappear just because I move 120 miles or so west.  But it will be different. The ease of heading into London (or just staying after work) to meet up will be an occasional pleasure when I have work trips there, not something to be taken for granted.

But I am confident that friendship, where it is true friendship, might change, but it will last. Some of you have already provided a great deal of emotional support while I’ve been working up to this move.  All the kind words, good wishes, votes of confidence and offers of moral & practical support have meant a great deal to me over the last three or four months.

So the main reason for writing this is to say thank you to those who’ve stuck with me thus far, and an even bigger thank you to those who plan to stick around even if we can’t meet face to face for a little while. 

With love xxx


2 thoughts on “Is this really goodbye?

  1. I feel for you. While making your way into an exciting new phase of your life is fun, it is also scary. And leaving friends and family behind is very difficult. I did the same thing less than a year ago and many tears were shed, in fact sometimes still are.
    Luckily today with the internet it takes the sting away. Calls, emails, chats….all help keep you in touch. But you are right, it’s still not “Let’s meet for a drink tonight”.

    I usually takes time to make new friends, so this adds to the sadness.

    But with time you will fall into a new rhythm of contact with your old friends, and you will make new ones. Not ones that know you as well, they won’t share the same secret laughs and smiles, but you will discover new secrets.

    Be strong, enjoy and continue to share 🙂



  2. Grief: any loss is emotionally experienced as a loss with sadness, shock, anger, barging/ how do I fix it, and acceptance. The feelings don’t know about a loss today or in the past. The loss of trust, security,time together, a job, a person or a possession. So it’s a time to grieve andknow from loss comes new opportunities to invest our time, effort, and focus

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