Midnight musings

I wake, all alone in bed, reaching out for you.

As I move dreamily from sleep to being half awake, it takes me a few minutes to register that you’re not there with me; then I realise I’m in another different bed, and that I’m here on my own.

I think back to the dream, and wonder what woke me from it. Close my eyes just to see if I can fall back into it.

Several minutes later, I’m still awake, my thoughts having relentlessly drifted back to you. I think about how your skin feels next to me, how you smell and taste, the sound of your breathing. I think of how you hold me sometimes when you’re fast asleep, how you pull me so close and hold me as though you’ll never ever let me go.

The bed suddenly feels vast, I gather the duvet around me and focus on the fact that it’s not long until I’ll see you again, and hear you, smell you, touch you and taste you.  Not long until I fall fast asleep in your arms, totally satisfied, and wake to find you beside me.

On that thought, I start drifting off to sleep with a smile on my face as my mind meanders through memories into another fantasy…..


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