The new girl – part 2

I wrote a little while ago about the fun of being the new girl at work.

I’ve now been there almost two months, and it struck me today that it feels like a lot longer.

I know who most of the people are, I know a little of their personalities. I know who sits where, who tends to talk to who.

I know the route to work and the various routes home.

But more than those things, I’ve just noticed that I’ve started to do things my way.

I had some lovely meetings today, one over coffee, one over lunch, one more formal. We achieved lots in each one. And after the meetings as I mulled over what had been said, what had been agreed, I realised I hadn’t gone in with an agenda, I hadn’t gone in to impress, I had simply gone in as me, shared my ideas, talked about what I wanted. Time will tell whether it has really worked, but it seems to be going OK so far.
Things are bound to be stressful from time to time, but right now, I like my job šŸ™‚

I also like the fact that I took in home made fairy cakes on Monday and they were much appreciated xx


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