Why I love men…an extremely random musing

If you have continued reading past the title please be assured that I’m really not being patronising or sexist, that isn’t the point.  Possibly I just started thinking too much, albeit not very clearly.

And so, another random musing……

Men are lovely, aren’t they?

There are the men who strive always to be terribly polite and helpful (usually at work). Nothing is too much trouble.

There are the men who don’t give a damn, who make a big play of not caring what anyone else thinks, but just occasionally look over for approval.

There are the men who are terribly easy on the eye – sadly they are generally aware of this fact and let it go to their heads, but even then, the more interesting ones tend to know they shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

There are the ones who always make an effort to say a kind word, to send a song, picture or story I’ll like, or to tell me something about their day which’ll make me smile.

Then there are people like the man I met up with one evening last week. I’ve known him for years. He’s married, he has a child, he’s quite good looking. I worked with him 10 years ago. We didn’t get on terribly well at the time, but for various reasons kept in contact, and our friendship has developed over time. The whole evening was great, although it went far too quickly. He was late, he was dishevelled (an office move apparently, rather than a deliberate ‘look’). He carried off both of those with aplomb.

And there are the ones who start at the periphery – a casual meeting, acquaintance through work, friend of a friend.  And gradually, they begin to feature a little more day to day – maybe just a few tweets, the odd text message, or ‘dropping by’ from time to time on an evening out, at work, at the airfield. They might offer helpful suggestions re: IT problems, or happen to be there as a shoulder to cry on when needed. After a while, you start to notice when they’re not available, and start to miss them…

I quite often think it must be hard to be a man (even when I’m not singing Country & Western): by tradition, we women get to be rescued and they have to do the rescuing. So despite decades of progression and eons of evolution, we always in a small way have that natural get-out, however successful & capable we may be in day to day life, there might be someone there to save us, and maybe that functions as the parachute we *know* we’ll never have to open.

But that leaves a lot of men always there waiting to see if they will be called upon to rescue someone 😛

Ah well, I haven’t said it terribly well (and would ask to be excused as I wrote most of this after slightly too much wine – oops!)  In summary, in my experience men are generally kind, generous, helpful and good company: I like them 🙂

And those who know me will also know that I think girls are fabulous too xxx


3 thoughts on “Why I love men…an extremely random musing

  1. “…and maybe that functions as the parachute we *know* we’ll never have to open” Good to hear I am useful for something, even if it means I will never be opened :-).

    I like the parachute analogy as there is always that moment of surrender when you pull the cord… there is no guarantee it is going to work!


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