A few magic moments – a musing

I seem to have had a lot of great moments recently, so I thought I’d write some of them down. These aren’t big things, in the main, just things which made me smile and feel happy inside.

As you may know if you’ve read other posts, my life is in rather a state of flux at the moment – I have moved jobs and am trying to move house, am doing a weekly commute and staying with family in between. Lots of time is spent packing and unpacking suitcases, and I have totally lost the ability to plan ahead in any sensible way. But given that I seem to average staying in 3 different beds a week (having slept in 4 different beds 4 nights running recently), I’m hoping I may be excused from any difficult decisions at the moment.

So, it is with some surprise that I keep finding myself thinking about how nice things are, and keep finding myself in particular moments that just ask to be captured somehow:

– driving along an open country road in the sunshine with the roof down, Queen blaring out of the car stereo

– driving through Cheddar Gorge, as the sun comes up, with a bird of prey circling above, and goats grazing at the side of the road

– getting back to my sister’s house in the evening after work, with a warm welcome then a chance to kick off the shoes, relax into the sofa and have a really good chat

– questioning the status quo at work and having people agree with me, and then actually doing something about it

– being told I’m a class act by my boss

– getting into the car and realising that my shoes match the car perfectly

– the man in the co-op asking if he could help me drink my champagne, then when I laughed saying “no, I meant it”

– a new colleague confiding in me about some very personal stuff, because she “thought she could talk to me”

– realising I may actually have met this month’s targets at work

– meeting someone I thought I needed to impress, and realising they had gone out of their way to try to impress me

– a previous team member texting to tell me that some disputed advice I’d given a few months ago had been validated

– rolling truffle mixture in melted chocolate in my hands

– helping my niece to spell “supercalifragilistic” to impress her teacher (and said niece getting it right first time)

This is just a sample, but what strikes me is that these are all things about being here in the start of my new job, my new life. This seems to be where the magic is right now, I’m hoping that means I really did make the right decision.






2 thoughts on “A few magic moments – a musing

  1. Great list and as the sun comes up on this Thursday morning makes me realise I need to look more closely at the things around me. The sun on the common opposite my house being the first, it is stunning. I would say you are on the right track.

  2. I’m so pleased that the apparent chaos is balanced by some moments of joy and pleasure. Good to hear that things are, on the whole, working out.

    sev xx

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