That moment of realisation…the day has come

The day has come. The day with that moment. That moment when you (or in this case I) try on last year’s summer jeans….and they no longer fit.

Well, they zip up, but that isn’t quite the same thing. Wearing them in public would just be…wrong.  In fact, wearing them in private would also be very wrong.

Especially as in this case the jeans in question are my favourite summer flying jeans and are white.

Badly fitting white jeans must just be a no.  Of course, I knew in the back of my mind that driving to work rather than the usual commute, combined with my mum’s and sister’s home cooking and lazy weekends recovering from the week away, would all have an effect. Even with some additional recreational walking. And it turns out that I should have listened to that little voice in the back of my mind sooner, as whilst my work clothes all seem to fit fine at the moment, this isn’t something I can count on continuing unless action is taken.

So, the remedy: given that a quick perusal of my cupboards yielded only one pair of summer trousers which were slightly more flattering, and a number of sundresses and similar which suddenly look smaller than I remembered, even on the hanger, something must be done.

First, to buy some cheap but well-fitting trousers to tide me over.  Thank goodness for outlet shops 🙂

Secondly, a stern self-talk about the benefit of not having to spend a fortune on new clothes compared to giving up the odd glass of wine or cheese course.

Then on with the wii fit – running programme then core.   30 minutes of running later – which actually took much longer than that because of the (admittedly welcome) breaks to answer questions – and even though it’s a small step I feel as though I’m on the way back.

So, same again tomorrow methinks and now it’s time for a walk in the sunshine.

Be good to yourselves xxx


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