Actuaria’s guides…1. How not to diet ;-)

A few thoughts from an amateur….

  • the day after you decide to diet, don’t stand on the scales and wonder why you haven’t lost any weight. No really, don’t. It did take weeks/months/years to put the weight on, it most likely won’t actually disappear in a few hours
  • don’t buy a large chocolate cake ‘for a friend’ and then reason that it’s only polite to eat some too.
  • don’t decide in advance that you’re going to diet next Wednesday (or similar) as this is surely a recipe (sorry) for eating everything in sight before next Wednesday…
  • don’t tell everyone you’re dieting, you’ll only hate it when they remind you at exactly the wrong moment.
  • don’t fail to tell the people who usually provide your food, you will only become cross/irritable/despondent when they keep making delicious things that have more calories than you wish to eat in a day
  • don’t keep telling yourself that alcohol is a good substitute for chocolate – after all it’s low fat 😛
  • and most of all, don’t give yourself a hard time – you are doing it for your own health/wallet/self image/peace of mind after all, not for anyone else.

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