But if you ain’t ageing…a musing

Obviously the alternative to ageing is no fun at all – well, not for us atheists anyway…but as I head inexorably towards my 41st birthday, I can’t help feeling that reaching 41 doesn’t quite have the cachet or pizazz of becoming 40.

Oh how we all love milestones and labels :-S

So, what to do?

My facebook timeline is full of comments from friends about ageing, from ‘oh my goodness I bought my first pair of specs today’ to ‘can you believe it, I chose a pair of shoes for comfort rather than prettiness’. Not to mention that one of my ex-boyfriends’ wives now appears to have completely grey hair (and hasn’t died it).  He doesn’t look 21 any more either mind…

Luckily, all the lovely burlesque girls & guys I’m friends with on facebook provide an antidote – I’m pretty sure none of them would admit to owning comfortable shoes 🙂

And on the grey hair front, a lovely friending is ensuring I stay an honorary blond for the next couple of months at least.

So, it remains to remember that 41 probably won’t be that different from 40 (apart from the different job, house, home town etc.) and to start the year off in style – and with that in mind, I’m off to phone Volupte to book my birthday night out and then I can start planning my outfit 🙂


One thought on “But if you ain’t ageing…a musing

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