Moving house – a musing…

I’ll be moving house in a few weeks, into a rental property.

This will in some ways be the culmination of a long process of getting a new job, house hunting, trying to sell etc.

In far more ways it will be a new beginning, a chance to take the best of my life now and move forward with new business opportunities, from a base closer to my family.

But as I look around my house, even though some sorting has been done, I feel totally overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead, the number of things which have to be done before I can move into the new house.

Right now, I know it’s perfectly possible for the contents of my house to be packed up into a van, but equally I just can’t imagine that. I really can’t imagine that suddenly in a seamless transition from one day to the next, regardless of all the memories I have here, this will suddenly stop being my home and will revert to being a collection of bricks and mortar, wood and paint.

The change from building to home, and back again, is intangible, but so fundamental to our (my) sense of stability, of place, and of comfort.

And whilst some of the things in this house – like all the bits & pieces in the kitchen – make a practical difference to day to day life, it is of course the people and the memories who make a house into a home.

And whilst there will be new people to make new memories, there are a number of people who are possibly reading this, who I hope will help me build my new memories….


One thought on “Moving house – a musing…

  1. Oh sweetie, you’re right, it’s a big upheaval – i’ve just undergone one myself. But home is wherever you and your loved ones are. From what i read, i suspect you’re rather a good home-maker and will soon transform your new place from a building to a home.

    sev xx

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