Moving day – a musing

Here’s what wrote the other day….

Moving day is almost here…it’s been 4 months since I started my new job, and yet I don’t feel at all mentally prepared for the move.

It only just really struck me that tomorrow I’ll be leaving this house, and whilst I will still own it for a time, I won’t actually live here again.

From tomorrow, somewhere else will be home.

Am really very strangely disconcerted at this thought, even though it’s been on the cards for a while.

I didn’t get a chance to finish that one, so here’s a slightly later instalment of the story:

As I packed and sorted, and unpacked, I noticed a few things – I was going to say that I’d learned a few things about myself but suspect I knew already.  So, a short and slightly eclectic sample:

  • things I randomly overbuy – marmite, bouillon powder, noodles
  • things I find it hard to part with – old school and university notes (especially anything which proves to me that I used to know some really quite complicated things), fancy craft and baking kit, and anything made of suede
  • what must be unpacked first – apparently the kitchen: unpacked first of all (although that may have been prompted slightly by an impending visit from my family and the need to provide sustenance)
  • I have pretty good spacial awareness – corroborated by quite a number of conversations with one of the movers in particular – in fact, by the time they left, we were finishing each other’s sentences…
  • which drawer did I *subtly* check immediately it came into the house – the one with the corsets and toybox 😉
Enough of that – here I am in my new house.  The mobile phone signal is not too bad so I can tweet & blog while the rest of the technology gets sorted.
It’s a very cosy house, a converted stone barn in the countryside so I woke up to the sound of (not too many) birds singing and a streak of sunlight filtering through the landing window.
And I woke up in my own bed, not something I’ve done consistently for several months. Really wishing I could stay here all day….
[to be continued]

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