Ahhh, flying… something of a ramble of a musing

So, I am now one step away from revalidating my SEP (Land) rating for a further two years. That means that for the next two years I can, assuming I keep up my currency and don’t do anything stupid, continue to fly small, single engined propeller ‘planes around the sky, with or without passengers *huge sigh of relief* 🙂

My flying hours tend to be a bit sporadic with work, and all of life’s other pressures but over the last few weeks, owing to the need to renew said rating, and the need to sign up with a new flying club, I’ve done quite a bit.

And this has reminded me that I really do enjoy flying more when I’m doing a lot more of it. Everything seems more natural, less pressured and less rushed, there’s more room for spontaneity. And with flying as with certain other activities that can only be a good thing.

So, this is the year that I really, really will fly on a regular basis. That may even make it the year I:

  • get my night rating
  • get my aerobatic cert
  • buy a share in an aircraft (I think a whole one would be a tad greedy)
And even before that, there is a whole new area to explore – from a flying perspective, Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Wales are all on the doorstep with a whole range of new flying clubs to visit and bacon butties to sample (for reasons I simply cannot explain, bacon butties and flying go terribly well together, although you can go a long way to beat the eggs benedict at my former home airfield).
I can’t explain how exciting it was today to fly overhead Wells and see the cathedral in all it’s splendour from the air. Glastonbury Tor and Chew Valley Lake looked pretty good too.
And whilst I miss my flying friends from ‘home’ terribly, it’s also fun to fly with new people. Everyone I’ve met at the new club has been relaxed, friendly and a lot of fun.  Again, as with other things, it really helps to fly with someone who’s on your wavelength.
But the icing on the cake today was executing one of my best landings to date behind one 747 and in front of another one…flying down the approach with the runway lights spread out in front of me, now that’s real flying 🙂

One thought on “Ahhh, flying… something of a ramble of a musing

  1. Oh like it. Well done you. Get IFR and night rated and I may just be really really envious. But well done, you’ve obviously put in a lot of time and work.
    sev xx

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