Lucid/vivid dreams – a musing

I know the most boring thing is to hear about other people’s dreams. So I apologise in advance.

But I have been having some very surprising dreams this week, so I’m hoping you’ll bear with me, especially if you can answer some of my questions :-S

I’ve always had lucid dreams, for as long as I remember: even as quite a young child, I’d reach a point in a dream or a nightmare when I realised I could deliberately wake myself up. And during a chase dream, I would suddenly realise I could fly. Such a wonderful feeling at that moment of realisation, and such good dreams after that. Had I remembered a little more I could have drawn them and become a cartoonist 🙂

So my dreams have always been vivid, sometimes they seem brighter, clearer and even more real than reality, but it’s taken me until this week to notice that whilst I felt as though I could see, hear and think, and even feel joy, excitement and fear in my dreams, I never thought about the other senses.

This week, I’ve had two remarkable dreams: on Tuesday, I dreamt vividly that the person next to me was smoking marujana: I knew that not because I could could see it, or was told, but purely because I could smell it, so very, very clearly.

I woke up musing over the fact that I didn’t ever remember noticing that I could smell anything in a dream before. And then trying to remember whether I ever felt the sense of touch in a dream. By coincidence (I assume – one should never attribute too much to causality) the following night, I had an extremely vivid (and I must confess to my more delicate readers, extremely erotic) dream which confirmed that I could indeed touch and feel 😉

So, my question to you all, is what of taste? Is it possible to experience taste in a dream?  Please do let me know…



3 thoughts on “Lucid/vivid dreams – a musing

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