Those boots – a musing

I just noticed that one of the search terms used to find this blog was “heeled boots”…well, whilst I can’t specifically recall referring to them in here, the purple suede boots do deserve a few moments of reflection.

Every so often, an item of clothing or footware comes along which really does what all such items should do.  It is simply a pleasure to wear, mood lifting, impact-making, comfortable, tactile and with the odd added benefit of making one look taller/slimmer/curvier/softer/shinier or whatever the occasion happens to demand.

And as you may have guessed, my purple boots are one (or more accurately two) such items.

In the absence of a photo, they are soft, purple suede, with 4” platform heels, they come up to just above my knee, with no additional decoration. They are very, very strokable.  Need I say more?

Oh, and they are width-fitting boots from those lovely people at Duo…so they fit like a dream.  And they weren’t too expensive in the scheme of things.  Certainly not given that I can walk around London in them all day and dance in them all night without any ill-effects.  (But if anyone from Duo is reading this, that isn’t an invitation to put the prices up again – I fear that would price them out of my reach and possibly that of most of your target market).

Last time I wore them, as well as plenty of comments and stroking on the night (all above board, I assure you…), I got not one but three texts afterwards, my favourite one being “you looked amazing, those boots are awesome”.  Yep, they are 🙂

I think I’ll wear them tomorrow.

This week, one of my twitter friends has suggested we sum up the day in relation to clothing – he has been better at doing this than I have.  I will keep trying though. Today started off as a cashmere polo-neck (cosy and ever so slightly over-indulgent) but sadly didn’t stay that way.

I am hoping that tomorrow is a purple ruched dress & purple boots day both sartorially and metaphorically.

So, to end this short musing, the question in my mind is how to ensure that every purchase of clothing (and of course footwear and bags) brings as much joy and pleasure as the boots?

To quote (hopefully not too incorrectly) the lovely Helen Fielding, “only buy anything if it makes you want to do a little dance”.  This has to date (usually) stopped me from a few unsatisfactory purchases including cheap bags and uncomfortable shoes.  And it means that among other things in my wardrobe I have some fabulous coats and jackets, more silk, leather, velvet and cashmere items than I quite realised, a mood-enhancing collection of corsets and lingerie and a couple of wrap dresses that make me feel like a million dollars.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to apply this philosophy to other areas of life too xxx



2 thoughts on “Those boots – a musing

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