The joy of…shopping

Ah, there is something about shopping, if it’s done ‘right’.

By which I mean, quickly, without any queuing or waiting around, hopefully without expending a great deal of cash, and resulting in a number of neatly sealed carrier bags full of the kind of clothes or other items that make me want to do a little dance. And hopefully with some positive input about the way the clothes look along the way.  And some decent food.

By some stroke of luck, today was such a day…a 15-minute drive this afternoon to the local discount designer outlet who were having sale (the timing was not a coincidence).  Arrived at approximately lunchtime to find they were selling local burgers – yum! Ate burger, headed into the shops. Found my way without incident to the Isabella Oliver concession and oh my goodness. Practically every item there was absolutely gorgeous and seemed to have been made for me.  Except for one dress that was perfect for my sister (and available in her size not mine).

Lovely things every way I turned. So it took about 30 minutes and some trying on to whittle down the vast array of choice to a mere 3 dresses and a coat (I really really could have bought an awful lot more).  And then I discovered there was an end of day discount and everything was even cheaper than advertised – can’t argue with 80% off, could I ask for more?

There was even a bit of excitement when the doors closed so they could start packing up and I was still in the changing room with the lovely assistant showing me more nice drapey dresses: I’ve never experienced a retail ‘lock-in’ before…

Trailing around endless shops to find the perfect item is definitely not for me, particularly if there is any queuing involved. But spur of the moment, oh my goodness that’s a bargain *dances around the room in new dress* shopping most definitely is.  Some places just get it so, so right.

The make-up equivalent was when the lovely girls from Benefit used to come in to my office and sell all their stuff at a discount.  And do make-overs and brow shaping at the same time.

If more retailers would provide this type of experience I would do a lot more shopping…so perhaps it’s for the best that they don’t :-S


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