It’s that time again…

So, we’ve come again to that time of year when I’m slightly late making any New Year’s resolutions.
I tend to feel rather ambivalent about them, as generally they seem to be used in a similar way to lent, for deciding on a number of enjoyable aspects of life to give up. Giving up enjoyable things has never seemed to me to be a recipe for improving life, so having hit on the idea a couple of years ago, of taking things up for lent rather than giving up, it occurred to me the other day to apply a similar approach to New Year’s resolutions…after all, they do say that you get out of life what you put in, not what you take out 🙂
And with that in mind, and with just a little reluctance to share these as I fear that in itself may be a risk, here is my initial list* (do feel free to skip the first few if you have no interest in aviation):
– to do more regular flying and make an effort to take more people up on trips with me
– to do my night rating and to attempt the IMC rating before the end of March
– to do some more aerobatics (and possibly, just possibly the full aeros course)
– to make more time for the people who I love
– to be more cheerful at work (but hopefully without being annoyingly so)
– to only drink wine I really like
– to only eat food I really enjoy
I think that’s easily enough to be going on with. If i do achieve those, I’ll feel extremely proud of myself.

* I would also like to reserve the right to change these at any time, after all, a year is a long, long time.

So, here’s wishing you a happy & healthy 2012 filled with lots of hugs and as much hedonism as your heart desires xxx


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