Of music and mood – a musing

It struck me the other day how much a piece of music can affect the way I feel.

While there were problems at work last year (as the firm headed deniably at first but inexorably into administration) I played a lot of Bon Jovi in the car. And some Springsteen.

Troubles of the heart tend to be summed up extremely well by something in the Country and Western section of my i-tunes library (Lady Antebellum most recently), and happy memories can be prompted by an exceedingly wide range of music depending on the associations.

So maybe at times it is the beat, the rhythm, the lyrics, the melody. Maybe at others it is simply being transported out of the moment, whether concsiously or not, into another time.

Last night in the car it had to be Elton John, this morning Dr Hook. To revive me at the gym there will need to be rock, possibly Queen – suggestions welcome 🙂

The taste or smell of food can have this effect, the sound of someone’s voice, a word on a page, the smell of sea air and oysters, the feel of a silk scarf or even a particular trick of the light as it filters through a woodland.  But for me, I think music recalls past times most vividly. I even remember using this to good effect as I revised for my a’ levels, headphones on as I drew and re-drew diagrams and rewrote formulae.

Proust had his madeleines, I have among others Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Sharing the Night Together, Need you Now and definitely not least, the sigh at the start of Alleluiah. What are yours?


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