Ah, like many I’ve welcomed the introduction of cheap flights but lamented the complete lack of comfort on board….a recent trip on the Eurostar reminded me how much more pleasant it is to have room to stretch out and walk around. Of course, it’s often more fun if not quite as practical to do the flying myself, but if anyone has a Boeing Stratocruiser and feels like offering me a flight, I certainly wouldn’t say no 😉


Because I am planing a long haul trip to Washington DC via Europe, I am conscious of balancing price and comfort. Using seat guru and airline websites, I have found that economy seating generally seems to be around 17″ and that most premium economy seating comes in at around 19 to 20″. At 17″, the middle seat of three provides very little wriggle room, and since I’ll be on airlines where I have no status, there is a high chance that this is where I will be sitting over flight durations of 6 to 7 hours.

Imagine the days of 1947, when the Boeing Stratocruiser boasted 51″!!

The seats look huge, unless of course they simply found the smallest stewardess in the world (with the biggest smile).

1947 Boeing Stratocruiser

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