That old London town – a musing

One of my team has just resigned. She’s moving to live and work in London, with her boyfriend.

This will cause a headache for me at work – more budgeting, planning, strategising and (assuming I do those things effectively) time spent recruiting, reviewing CV’s, interviewing, persuading the team that my choice of candidate isn’t completely off the wall etc etc.

But I admitted to her when she told me that I completely understand why she’s doing in, and that I think it’s the right thing for her to do.  If nothing else, I’m sure she’ll regret it if she doesn’t give it a try.

Because however lovely it is living in and around Bath, being able to shop in Wells, pop over to Wookey Hole or Glastonbury, to be able to fly over the Welsh mountains and drive through two or three areas of outstanding natural beauty on the way to work, there is something about London.

As I discussed my colleague’s plans with her, I couldn’t help feeling a little bit wistful about working a stone’s throw from Covent Garden, China Town, Soho and Trafalgar Square.

Being able to pop out at lunchtime to the real food market, any one of a number of shops, galleries, a quick visit to St Martin’s in the Fields, or just an amble down the Strand to work out exactly where the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron is (OK, maybe not everyone else does that).

And the buzz, and the big, glossy offices and bars.  The vast range of potential and possibilities. Being known and welcomed in local eateries. Being anonymous when it suits. And being an integral part of it all.

Of course, that ignores the grime, the pollution, the people who avoid eye contact on the tube, the sheer drag of the commute day after day.

It’s very easy when we look back, even over a short period, to forget the annoyances and only remember the positives. Maybe one answer is to apply the same filters to the present before we start making comparisons with the past. How are today and tomorrow to me if I “forget” the niggles and annoyances and try to look at those through rose-tinted spectacles at only the positives, potential and opportunity?

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that there is something about London. So I wish my departing colleague the very best.  And look back with great fondness at the times I was fortunate enough to enjoy there, and then forward to what the next few days, weeks and months might have to offer here in the South West.

It is after all, rather easier to get to Wychwood and to the Priddy Folk festival from here 🙂



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