How not to shop…

Ah, those superficial moments which bring so much joy…my new black trousers arrived this morning. They fit perfectly 🙂

All credit again to my very lovely personal stylist. Even without styling them up or accessorising them (or even putting on shoes) they made me look an awful lot better. Not quite a completely different person but certainly an improved version of me. I love well-advised internet shopping.

They do need shortening just a little though so on with my gorgeous new jeans. And my new festival top, blue biker jacket and turquoise wedges. Matching vintage necklace. And in the words of the song, I Feel Fantastic.

Not dissimilar to how I felt in my corset-based outfits at the festival last weekend.

So why, when I did my wardrobe clear-out were there really quite a lot of things which are now adorning the rails & windows of a local charity shop, which just didn’t make me feel like this? Not in the least.

After all, the key to successful shopping is simple: only buy things which make you feel like doing a happy dance (courtesy of Helen Fielding/Olivia Joules).

Instead, despite knowing this in my head, I have quite often bought the wrong thing because:

– It kind of fitted OK and the equivalent at home seemed to have unaccountably shrunk
– It didn’t actually make me look fat
– It was a shirt/dress/pair of trousers and I’d decided I needed a shirt/dress/pair of trousers
– It was nicer than the other one(s) I’d tried on and I wanted to go home/get a coffee/have a glass of wine (as you may have noticed, am not a very patient shopper)
– I was getting hot and bothered and just wanted to buy what I thought I needed and get out of there (see above)
– It was 70% off and looked OK in the changing room
– It was 70% off and I couldn’t be bothered to try it on….(see above).

So that, for me, is exactly how not to shop.

I walked out of a shop today after about 5 minutes because the manager didn’t even look up and say hello. That wouldn’t have given any of the clothes a happy feel. I was the only customer btw.

…so maybe I’m learning.


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