But that’s not fair! A musing….

I’m not sure this makes a lot of sense, think I’ll need to come back and edit later. But here goes…

A friend of mine the other day was having a rant about the unfairness of inherited wealth.

We had a discussion about the vagaries, quirks and foibles of the current tax legislation, and moved onto something else. But what struck me was how vehement my friend was about the unfairness of material inheritance whilst claiming credit for his own success.

A little later a well-known glamour model was mentioned slightly disparagingly on the radio, something along the lines of there begin nothing clever about trading off her looks.

And slightly later again I listened to someone telling me how much they admire Brian Cox.

My intention is not to justify our current tax or property laws, nor to disparage Brian Cox. I can’t help a small amount of hero worship for someone who’s been pivotal in the rise of the geek. And he’s cute 😉

And I know there are many many unfairnesses in the world today.

But I couldn’t help wondering about the double standard inherent in the assumption that success from certain things, brains, business savvy or artistic skill, say is deserved whereas success from someone’s looks or family is not.

After all, aren’t these things all part of our inheritance, genetic or otherwise and making a success from any of these surely requires time, effort and dedication.

And possibly quite a lot of luck.

Interestingly,there was a debate about the following on the radio a couple of hours after I wrote this blog: http://www.examiner.com/article/research-income-tax-violates-southerner-s-moral-principles…


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