Very similar to my own experience. You’ll get there, and you’ll be a better pilot for it when you do 🙂


“Take-offs are optional, landings are mandatory”, states  the well-used maxim.
This is the undeniable truth. And for me, this is also the challenge. Not the take-off part – I’ve got that now. And not the when to take-off part – so far I have scrubbed a number of flights for reasons of bad weather, or technical aircraft-related problems. The tricky part which I still need to nail down is the landing bit. Every week I keep hoping that my instructor is going to say, “OK, Nick, now you’re ready for solo.” Instead, after every lesson, I’m hearing “One more lesson”. I know it doesn’t help that three of my last four lessons have been in 15 knot winds, with one flight gusting 20 knots. At least I am getting the feel of what winds can do on final approach!

Today the weather was better, but the circuit was bedlam! After…

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