A trip to the gym: a fantasy… (NSFW)

I’m focusing on breathing steadily on the treadmill, on keeping an even pace and not giving up before I reach my goal. But although I’m looking steadfastly ahead through the window, I can feel you next to me, hear your breathing as you run faster, almost feel your warmth… I find myself having to concentrate harder and harder to stay focused.

You move to the rowing machine and I can see your muscles working through your tight t-shirt. I watch for a few seconds then follow you and row next to you for a while, staring determinedly at the screen in front of me but getting gradually more distracted. I know that if I catch your eye I’ll be lost, lost in my fantasies.

You decide it’s time to head for the hot tub, we change and head into the spa, I’m delighted to find there’s no-one else there. You pause near the door, I hear a click “don’t worry, no-one’s going to disturb us”. Your eyes meet mine and you smile, a warm, inviting smile as you head to the hot tub.

I join you in the hot tub, your arms welcoming me to get closer and closer. I look nervously towards the security camera “no need to worry about that either” you wink at me “it’s sorted”. I look at you confused, but don’t have time to think any further as your lips are on mine, so so sweet, soft and gentle, then becoming more insistent, you kiss me harder, then softer again, your tongue tracing a path around the inside of my lips. I hardly notice as you ease the straps of my swimsuit down over my shoulders, then a jolt of pleasure courses through me as you touch my breast, your fingers lingering over my nipple.

You ease my swimsuit further down, rolling my nipple between your fingers, I lie back in the hot water, savouring the sensations running through me from my breasts to my pussy, feeling myself get more and more aroused.

I start as you pinch my nipple hard, I open my eyes to see you smiling, then your eyes travel down my body as my arousal intensifies. Your other hand caresses my thigh as I try to maintain my cool. “I think that swimsuit’s rather getting in the way” you say, deadpan, although your eyes are still smiling.

I wriggle out of the wet costume, wishing it come off faster, then suddenly feeling self-conscious as your eyes carry on looking at me so intensely, your hands caressing me so gently, then holding me firmly as you manoeuvre me to the side of the hot tub, kneeling in front of me. You gently push my thighs apart so that I’m completely exposed to you.

I gasp as you lean in and start kissing my neck, slowly moving down to kiss my shoulder blades then my breast, sending shivers through me. I’m focusing on the sensations as your hand moves up gradually, stroking my thigh. You suddenly move in closer, then kiss me hard, your fingers entwined in my hair, holding me tight.

Then closer still, you move towards me and I feel your hard cock brushing against me as your fingers delve deep into my pussy. I’m aching to feel you inside me, to feel you stretching me as you thrust deeper…I whimper as your fingers explore a little deeper, your thumb expertly rubbing against my clitoris, sending shivers of joy right through me, my legs weakening as you pull your hands away to grip my waist and lift me onto you.

You thrust into me and I can feel every inch, filling me, stretching me. My whole world contracts into the feel of your cock inside me as you pull out and thrust again, and again. My pleasure builds to an intense orgasm as your mouth finds my nipple and bites down, hard, the exquisite sensations enveloping me in waves as I feel your cock starting to pulse and we sink back down into the hot tub, savouring the feeling of our ebbing orgasms as the warm water flows over us.

You kiss me again, gently, and smile into my eyes. “Until the next time – same time, same place?” I just smile back at you, and nod my agreement.


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