The story of a 9-day detox (mainly day 5)

Something occurred to me the other morning (day 5), detoxing is a little like I imagine giving up smoking, there are so many occasions day after day which call for a cup of coffee, slice of cake, glass of wine….

Having done everything ‘by the book’ thus far, I was on my way to a morning meeting and as I walked towards Queen Square I caught a glance of my favourite coffee shop & started to decide which coffee I would have. Half a minute later, I remembered… šŸ˜¦

Still, I was meeting a lovely person who identified the best place for herbal tea in the vicinity.

Then back in the office, emails about doughnuts, a ‘help yourself’ cake in the kitchen, and a snowman surprise cake on offer…

I decided the ‘stop & think’ afforded by the strict rules of the detox is extremely helpful for curtailing a great deal of accidental consumption.

A working lunch was relatively easy by dint of heading to a seafood restaurant. Oysters followed by dressed crab & salad, yummy!

Later, though, as I headed out for an after work meet-up with a goof friend , I consciously found myself in need of a glass of wine. Having decided I really, really, really wanted it, I chose very carefully. It was lovely šŸ™‚

Since then, back on the wagon and keeping my fingers crossed that I hadn’t blown the whole nine days, I’m sticking to it to the letter.

Suddenly the next 4 days didn’t seem quite so impossible…

I’m writing this on day 7, and all good so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and all ideas for what to eat for my proper meals over the weekend would be most welcome.

I’ll get back to writing about days 3 & 4 shortly xxx


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