Story of a 9-day detox (day 8)

Haven’t dared weigh myself for the last couple of days as if the result’s disappointing I am very likely to throw in the towel. So I am keeping myself wondering until Monday morning…(or possibly tomorrow if I can’t resist)

Fab workout at the gym this morning, over 1,300m on the rower, slightly faster than last time.

Felt great after the workout but unlike the vast majority of the time last week and despite eating a proper lunch I am now really, really hungry.

One thing that’s been interesting about this detox is that it’s basically a combination of healthy, natural-based supplements, milkshakes and one 600-calorie meal a day. No caffeine, no alcohol, no refined sugar.

The milkshakes are quite filling and do a pretty good job as a meal replacement. Although it isn’t the same as eating real food, I haven’t really felt as though I was dieting all week, until today.

And now I’m ravenous.

I’m thinking my “last detox meal” tomorrow might need to include a rare steak. Preferably rib-eye.

I’ll let you know.


4 thoughts on “Story of a 9-day detox (day 8)

  1. Hi! I appreciate what you have said about losing weight. I have found that the most popular way to lose weight is to use cleansing and nutritional supplements. I really like Isagenix. You should try it. Have a great day! ;-p

  2. We recommend that you try not to drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages during The Lemon Detox. Coffee is very toxic to the body, as are most caffeinated beverages. Since you are trying to get rid of toxins during The Lemon Detox, drinking coffee during the detox is counter productive. If you really feel the need for caffeine, tea is better than coffee, and green tea is better than black tea.

  3. Maybe not every day is meant to be a good day. Maybe we just have to take our lumps and that makes us better people. I don’t know. What I do know is – my workout was only 4 minutes yesterday. I planned to run at Bally’s as soon as my hubby got home from work and could take the kiddos off my hands but that didn’t work out either. He got home at 8:30 or 9 and I felt bad leaving him after that long day… and somehow my food was a huge issue for me yesterday too. I make homemade granola bars. Hubby likes them in his lunches and I plan to use them for energy bars when my 2 olders have track practice and meets. Unfortunately for me, I really like the granola bars. I had three yesterday… or was it four?? They weren’t all at once, mind you. I had two shortly after making them. I skipped my morning smoothie to compensate for the calories. Then later on (around 4 pm) I was really hungry. Eating only granola bars will do that to ya… I grabbed one on the way out the door to go shopping. Then we had pizza. We are trying to be smart with our money. We used to spend quite a bit going out each week and now I have limited it to $20. We get to spend $10 on friday night and save the other $10. At the end of the month we get to go out for one nice meal with the money we saved. That way we really look forward to it as a special thing. Anyway, since friday is what we lovingly call “pizza fridays” we did get pizza. I used to eat 4 pieces. Lately I have only been eating two. Last night I was starving and had 3 instead. Then I felt “snacky” later and had that last granola bar. Yikes! Then I felt guilty. I hadn’t had any fruit or veggies the whole day. Well, unless you count the dried cranberries in the granola bars or the tomato sauce on the pizza! I made myself a late night green smoothie. Not quite a quart, but maybe 2/3. I chugged it, had a cup of tea and went to bed.

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