The story of a 9-day detox: Day 9, yippee…but what’s next?

So, having decided a few weeks ago that 9-days “wasn’t really that long” I can confirm that at times it has felt like a really long time…although it was only 9 days when all’s said & done.

Now that day 9 is here, there are definitely some changes in my planning I would make if I did it again, the main one being to tell/warn everyone I was likely to come into contact with beforehand in the hope that it would possibly stem the flow of invitations…over the first few days, there was: a barbeque next door, a picnic with my parents (both declined), a party, dinner at my sister’s, two working lunches, and various meetings over “coffee”. The first two I reluctantly declined, the rest I navigated as skilfully as I could.

But after (a whole) 9 days, yes I appear to be slightly thinner, slightly more toned, even. And I do, as promised, have more energy. But it suddenly occurred to me, what next?

I don’t really want to keep on with the meal replacement regime, I think real food is definitely the way to go.

But as some of you will already know, I do find it rather more relaxing to have clear rules and boundaries. In the same way that “cutting down a bit” wouldn’t’ve yielded quite such good (if any) results, I’m not sure that “generally trying to eat/drink more healthily from now on” will cut it either.

So what to do?

Plan A is as follows:

– (probably) vanilla shake/aloe for breakfast – or some healthy alternative – on weekdays;

– home-made pasta/couscous salad for lunch (need to get organised and make toppings in advance – or go to the lovely shop in Wells that makes them for you)

– avoid calls for cakes, cookies, sausage rolls or whatever people constantly bring into the office; and

– don’t open the wine until after dinner.

I’m figuring the above should stand me in reasonably good stead, particularly if I do 1 or 2 detox-style days a week to make up for any nights out or lunches in the local pub…

Particularly as I’ve signed up for a Bootcamp in September 🙂  Wish me luck with that…it’s 3 times a week at 6.30 in the morning.

Also, as luck would have it (especially as I spent ages last week trying to find out how many calories are in various foods to work out what to have for my 600-calorie meals each day, the people from SlimKicker have appeared with their calorie counter.
Now, as you know I don’t usually promote anything on this blog, I just tend to muse about slightly random things and write down what comes to mind, but they have asked if I’d like to run a competition on here.
So, here goes:SlimKicker is a calorie counter and game that turns your diet/fitness goals into a reward-based/level-up game, i.e. you earn points which win you rewards (anyone else thinking “points mean…prizes!”?). You rack up points by tracking healthy calories, and completing challenges such as exchanging coffee for herbal tea or doing an extra 10 minutes’ of exercise a day for a week. You upload a picture of a reward such as an MP3 tune, or spa session, and they’ll remind you to reward yourself with that reward as you reach a certain number of points.

Now for the competition:

You could win…

So to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment to this blog with your suggestion for a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge in 1-2 sentences. SlimKicker will pick the winner and I’ll have the joy of announcing it next week.
Now, as I’ve just (really, truly) signed up for SlimKicker, getting some more ideas to help me stay focused is in my interest, so suggest away xxx

(PS: there may be a short break from detox/health blogs while I write a fantasy or two, please bear with me)


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