30-day Boot Camp, Day 1 and counting…

So, it appears that the boot camp I signed up to on impulse is not just a series of exercise classes. It is a series of exercise classes and an eating plan – for a whole 30 days.

Now, I had just about got my head around the fact that I would be getting up 3 times a week at stupid o’clock for 4 weeks. This seemed worth it for the promise of getting toned up and generally fitter and more flexible… I had even got an inkling that the aim was to try to eat “a bit more healthily”. I know the boot camp owner isn’t too keen on processed foods, wheat or dairy for example.

But there is an eating plan. I must confess, at this stage I am not overly optimistic. Whilst the detox was boring for it’s lack of “real food” this almost has too much “real food” particularly an array of complicated breakfasts…I really can’t do complicated at breakfast, particularly if I’m getting up for a 6.30am class 30 minutes from home…

If I can get used to making enough dinner to take some for lunch the next day (and remembering to take it with me) that could be a very good thing, though šŸ™‚

All ideas welcome on how to succeed at this. Am thinking I might be able to manage the smoothies.

Oh, and the class was hard, very hard. The warm up was nice though xxx


One thought on “30-day Boot Camp, Day 1 and counting…

  1. Maybe you go try like a smoothie with some protein in it for the mornings. You’ll get energy from that to last until lunch. You can buy frozen fruit at the grocery store and blend it with some milk and protein. Quick and simple.

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