30 Day Boot camp adventure: day 6, 3 classes down, 9 to go :-)

So, the story so far. I’ve made it to all three of the 6.30am classes this week, and am extremely glad I did, although it is such an early start I did wonder if I was going to make it out of bed on Friday morning.

I really, really ached after day 1, and all through day 1 and day 2 in fact. Walking up stairs was tricky, as was walking downstairs, as was sitting down, on occasions…I will still stiff (pretty much everywhere) when I arrived back at the park on Wednesday.

Wednesday was high-speed circuits, as many as we could each do in a fixed amount of time..I did two. The fittest people did four. Ah well…plenty of room for improvement 🙂

Friday was boxing, eagerly anticipated and extremely hard work, but a lot of fun.  I might even get the hang of which move is which within a week or two.

So far, so good. Food diary wise, I’ve managed to stick to chicken salad on a trip to MacDonalds, and Nicoise salad (without the dough sticks) on a trip to Pizza Express.Odd in a way because I never go to Macdonalds and hardly ever to Pizza Express, so not sure why they were visited on me in the first week of Boot Camp.

I’ve pretty much stayed off coffee and tea and avoided dairy. Why did no one tell me sooner how delicious Almond Milk & Coconut milk are? I did decide to relax the rules on wine, though…this is a for whole month (and possibly longer), after all.

Buying lunch in a hurry is a bit tricky though. Have you noticed that almost everything set out for lunch in supermarkets has wheat and/or dairy in it? Anything without wheat or dairy definitely has quite a lot of sugar or processing involved in it’s manufacture. Next week might even see me preparing lunch the evening before. Not altogether convinced I’ll remember to take it to work though.

Failing that, thank goodness for hummus 🙂

I’m quite pleased I haven’t broken the boot camp rules too many times (conveniently ignoring the modest wine consumption), so ultimately feeling reasonably virtuous, and possibly a bit slimmer and better toned. Roll on tonight’s midnight charity walk, although I might need a nap beforehand xxx


One thought on “30 Day Boot camp adventure: day 6, 3 classes down, 9 to go :-)

  1. Wow you have been busy Actuaria, detoxes and bootcamps. Hope you get lots of admiring comments at the wedding you mention. How are the corsets fitting btw, they seem conspicuously absent since the first post ;-).

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