Starbucks is Mocking me.

Coffee buying should definitely be done anonymously…

Fabulously Awkward Girl

I’m very upset. This morning my neighborhood Starbucks barista asked me a question they had never asked before. After ordering my grande iced coffee unsweetened, he looked me square in the eye and said “What’s your name?” What. The. Hell.!? For months now I have ordered my coffees with ambiguity and loved every bit of it.

I guess I should explain myself. Many have forgotten that Starbucks used to be the place to get over priced coffee and be served by some of the most angry people in the service industry. It was refreshing. Then something happened.

I blame the recession, because around 2009 all of a sudden Starbucks employees started being smiley and friendly and understanding of your overly complicated requests. Then, the “name campaign” began. This customer relations change meant you had to give your barista your personal ID just to get your beverage. It was supposed to…

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